Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is fantastic news. Now we have to make sure they know about it...

Not to mention, he egged on the crowd before they stormed Congress, killing one officer, injuring 140 more, and infecting at least 38 with the Coronavirus. STFU, Maddy.

She won't. She's all-in with those idiots, even more so than the little bus driver.

It still needs ti be investigated.

For our readers who haven't been job-hunting in a awhile, you can no longer (in most places) go into a business and fill out a (paper) application, it has to be done online. And some of them end up taking 20 minutes or longer to complete. We need broadband desperately, have for a long time.

Actually, a lot of them were birthed right there on your keyboard, John. Pushing the Free Market fantasy where everything the government does is wrong. It's disingenuous as hell, and you know it is.

Good luck with that. Seriously, not being snarky, tell them what's what.

Not trying to be ageist, but she looks like she's in her 40's. What their definition of...nevermind, I'm being jerkish. I'm so old carbon-dating me is a viable alternative.

I'd rather have my eyes (and eardrums) gouged out with dirty cuisinarts.

On that painful note, here's your Onion:

Oh god. I don't want to know...