Tuesday Twitter roundup

I still believe this, but not as much as I did a couple years ago. I'm seeing a lot of late teens & twenties doing stupid shit like rolling coal and driving around with their Trump flags flapping, and the low vaccination rates are also concerning. But overall, it would likely be a net gain of intelligent and progressive voters, so I'm all in.

Starting your short week with some gibberish:

As we celebrate with zeal the happiness that comes with being free of masks and being able to be around friends and neighbors and hug and laugh again, it’s important to not take for granted the freedoms we cherish.

We saw a slight glimpse last year of what happens when COVID shutdowns caused our freedom of movement to be taken away, how service-oriented businesses were stifled to the point of closing, how government controlled how families undertook their children’s education, and on and on and on. We saw our freedom of the press limited as the national press manipulate the news not by what they said but by not reporting many things that should have been newsworthy.

If you're talking about the Big Lie that Trump actually won the election but a multi-state conspiracy took it away from him, they reported on that shit way too much, frankly. And schools have been operating under government control for a long time, as black kids in Mississippi understood all too well back in the mid-20th Century. Whatever "Reforms" your partnership thinks we need are likely just more White Supremacist noise, so please just STFU.

Case in point:

Bury that mess in committee, or just shred it. One of those two things.

And it also explains why NC Republicans are hell-bent on taking over the NC Supreme Court. Which we can't allow to happen.

Have I mentioned lately that Andrew Dunn is a hack, and should no longer be referred to as a journalist?

Sorry, Major. A 3rd party candidate (no matter how good) will put Cawthorn back in DC smoother than Jiffy peanut butter.

He is not wrong...

What Ricky said. After all the crap that Trump pulled (is still pulling), wanting him back in office is literally unforgivable. If you come at me with that nonsense, your feelings will get hurt.

Just stop interviewing that idiot. There are 434 other House members to choose from, most of which actually have a brain in their head.

"Greatest country" is a subjective evaluation, and people like Tim Moore stretch that evaluation to the limits. Retaining power via gerrymandering and voter suppression while shirking their responsibilities to provide adequate funding for education, health and well-being, and a clean environment to live in, is exactly the opposite of what a great country would do.

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

Sometimes the Onion hits it out of the park...



This will need to suffice

for tomorrow's news brief also. Not a whole lot of fresh content today, except for some national/international stuff. Which is important, but NC stuff needs to lead off, if you catch my drift.