Tuesday Twitter roundup

Pope has done a lot of damage, but it's a mistake to drop everything in his lap. The NC GOP has elevated dozens of austerity-loving lawmakers to positions where they could punish the poor with shameless impunity, and we forget those henchmen at our peril. It takes a village (of assholes) to accomplish what they have done, and it will take a concerted effort to fix it.

That second part is also known as push-polling. But I think it's hilarious that only 20% are aware of Trump endorsement. No doubt that will be the leading feature in Budd campaign videos. Which gives me a headache just typing it...

Actually, Summer hasn't even started yet. Idiot.

Welcome back to the 1950's. Jesus.

Say what?

Although the exact numbers by department have yet to be spelled out, Berger and Moore said the budget agreement also includes significant tax reductions and the replenishment of the state’s “rainy-day” fund.

“As we work out the details of the budget, we intend to fulfill our commitment to balance the budget while saving for future needs and cutting taxes for the vast majority of residents,” they said in the statement released Tuesday.

The two sides have been at odds over total spending, so much so that House budget committees began meeting to move forward with its own version and not wait for the Senate, which was supposed to release its plan first this year.

The House effort barely got rolling before the announcement of the agreement.

"Replenish" the Rainy-Day Fund? They've barely touched the damn thing. Grrr.

Also, kudos to Kirk Ross for publishing this shortly after a sweaty first concert in Carrboro Sunday. They rocked.

And she probably lied about how old she is, because lying seems to have become habit with her.

So much for Catherine Truitt being an "independent" advocate for students. She's a worse partisan than Mark Johnson, and that's saying a mouthful.

Where's my popcorn...

Yeah, he was dumb enough to get his picture taken next to a "Stop the Steal" sign. He needs to own that shit from now on.

I knew this was going to happen, but it's still frustrating to see it play out. People need to keep in mind, the real culprit here is Donald Trump, who did everything in his power to subvert the Census into a political billy club. I doubt he is smart enough to have predicted it would pit Democrats against each other in metro elections, but he knew it would complicate things. Consider this: If Raleigh went ahead with elections later this year, and it turned out districts were seriously unbalanced, that would then be the rallying cry for people opposed to the Council majority. There is no easy, clean way out of this conundrum, but please don't forget the "why."

Money quote:

“I don’t have the bandwidth to spend the next 15 years of my career stressing over whether my campus leaders support academic freedom and the tenure that accompanies that,” Lowery said. “We absolutely depend on it to teach our classes. We absolutely depend on it to produce knowledge that benefits society. If UNC-Chapel Hill is not going to support it, then the reputation of UNC-Chapel Hill is going to decline.”

I would be tempted to tell Malinda, "This won't last forever, just hang in there." But it could last a long, long time, especially if the NC GOP pulls another gerrymandering stunt.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

I feel your pain, Truffles.