Tuesday Twitter roundup

They don't want proper oversight, they want partisan oversight. Even if it ends up costing taxpayers millions.

I'm sure the irony is lost on you that such propaganda posters were (and still are) used frequently in Communist countries. Idiot.

Unless I'm mistaken (highly possible), the bill in question (SB711) did not pass the crossover deadline, and is still buried in a Senate committee. But the N&R's paywall is blocking me from reading the article, so I'm not certain they're referencing the same bill.

Talk about low-hanging fruit. Asking people if they want to pay higher taxes or lower taxes is a pointless exercise, but it gives Carolina Journal the flawed data they so desperately want.

They would throw their own mothers under the bus if they thought they could blame it on Dems.

Unfortunately, ignorance and right-wing nonsense are also communicable diseases. We'll be lucky to get 60% vaccinated.

This is a monumentally bad idea, no matter how you feel about sheriffs in our state. Especially when it comes to domestic violence situations.

Another bad idea, but that's par for the course with the gun crowd.

Money quote:

It is naïve and dangerous to align far-reaching tax and spending policies with myopic and simplistic rankings. This fiscal policy has failed the people of North Carolina, both by ignoring those in need and in underinvesting in our future. It should be reversed.

It's also irresponsible as hell, but tax cuts are the only thing in Republicans' tiny tool boxes.

That is one of the funniest parodies I've seen, and I do hope they use it during the campaign next year.

Gak, a double-dose of detestable douchebaggery. You'll need an entire team of fact-checkers to keep up with all the lies this duo will spout.

On that cringe-worthy note, here's your Onion:

That is a lot funnier than it should be. Should probably check my carbon monoxide detector...