Tuesday Twitter roundup

And the fact they "took no vote" does not lessen their culpability. It had the effect of a "No" vote, and one they could not justify.

Okay, I'm always glad to see more jobs, but...yachts? It doesn't get much more one-percenter than that. But they make a few little ones also:

Must be nice...

Oh, pretty much every time we have to quarantine people who may have been exposed to deadly viruses. Next stupid question?

What Lamar said.

It's that "among other things" I'm concerned about, like cutting taxes for those $450,000 per-year "middle class" earners. We'll be watching, because this is important:

If we can't afford to comply with LEANDRO, then we damned sure can't afford any more Republican tax cuts.

Why do you think the Federal government is forced to spend all this money? It's because way too many states have been nearsighted and irresponsible, underfunding critical areas like education and infrastructure. It ain't rocket surgery.

It's both amazing and disgusting that we still have to push people to wear their damn seat belts in 2021. Here's a truth-bomb: if I agree to give you a ride somewhere because you're stranded, but I also have to tell you to click your belt, and then you sigh as if I'm ordering you to walk the plank, don't be surprised if I fail to answer the phone in the future.

What Vicki said. This was one of the worst bills concocted by the NC GOP, and that is saying a lot. Municipalities (especially smaller ones) have very few tools in their boxes to improve economic conditions and spur entrepreneurial growth in their communities, and broadband is a must-have to even start. Granting a monopoly to private companies who aren't even servicing an area is ludicrous, and should never have made it out of committee. But the GOP's lust for power over local governments makes them blind to such obvious flaws.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

True story...