Tuesday Twitter roundup

No surprise at all. This is the same bonehead that said instead of working on policy, he was going to focus on "Comms."

I thought you didn't believe what they were reporting anyway? Make up your damn mind what you find offensive, if you even have a mind to make up.

Then it should not be considered to have viably passed the crossover deadline. This kind of crap needs to stop, but it won't as long as BergerMoore are running the show.

The NCGOP has lost its mind. This is going to be a circus of conspiracy nonsense...

Logically deprived, as usual. The mask mandate saved countless lives, and it conditioned people to be cautious. To posit that they would have worn masks back then voluntarily, because they're doing it now, is ludicrous, and ignores everything we know about human behavior patterns.

File this one under, "elections have consequences":

The justices had put off action on the case for several months. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an abortion-rights proponent, died just before the court’s new term began in October. Her replacement, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, is the most open opponent of abortion rights to join the court in decades.

Barrett is one of three appointees of former President Donald Trump on the Supreme Court. The other two, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, voted in dissent last year to allow Louisiana to enforce restrictions on doctors that could have closed two of the state’s three abortion clinics.

Three justices in four years. The magnitude of our failure to stop Trump from being elected the first time is just now settling in (for me, anyway). We will be paying for that mistake for years to come.

And I'm sure they'll do their best to conceal the donor list.

Apparently getting in a fight with a small dead tree is Maddie's idea of being a manly man. And to think, they could have had Moe Davis. What a bunch of idiots.

I'd rather have Pat McCrory back in there than Robinson, and that is saying a mouthful.

That's because they know he has lost what little of his mind he once had. But they can't hide him from the convention speech, which is supposed to be about helping the NC GOP, but will end up being all about Trump, and how the election was "stolen" from him. Good luck with that, you're going to need it. *update* It looks like that convention speech will also be blocked from public viewing or live-streaming. No film at eleven...

Yep. And unless I'm mistaken, no marijuana-related bills passed the crossover deadline. So nothing is going to happen until next year, at the soonest.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

Fleeing to Texas about now...



Two of a kind

"I'd rather have Pat McCrory back in there than Robinson, and that is saying a mouthful."

Well, there's not much difference, when it comes down to it. One's just not as obvious about selling out to the highest bidder.