Tuesday Twitter roundup

There are methods for dry waste management that would greatly reduce this problem, but they don't want to spend the money.

FWIW, the frequency of voting should not be a determinant on the eligibility of voting. The Constitution doesn't say a damn thing about requiring participation. It's like telling somebody, "You haven't spoken in public for eight years! Be quiet!"

Oh, god. I'm about to get my own Maddie Cawthorn...

This took nerves of steel:

More than a few people turned around in their seat and looked with puzzlement, and likely suspicion, at the Black man they had never seen before standing in the back of a Sons of Confederate Veterans crowd. A man to my right took out his phone and began recording me. The stares began to crawl over my skin. I had been taking notes; now I slowly closed my notebook and stuck it under my arm, doing my best to act unfazed. Without moving my head, I scanned the crowd again. The man in front of me had a gun in a holster.

"But it's not about race, it's about heritage!" Bullshit.

Yeah, but there ain't no beef in that bun:

And it all starts with the labor force. If the labor force that is unemployed is reluctant to get back in the employment line because of higher unemployment checks, small businesses – especially retailers – will suffer. Anecdotal evidence suggests this already is happening.

"Anecdotal evidence" is an oxymoron. Especially here in NC, where only 10% or so of supposedly eligible unemployed receive monetary assistance. They're having trouble filling the jobs because of the jobs themselves, not those missing employees.

140 police officers were injured by insurrectionists that day. The PBA and every other law enforcement group should be raising hell with people like Foxx for encouraging that, but we get crickets.

Dude, you really need to avoid subjects you're not prepared to dissect. Affirmative Action has been in place at one level or another for half a century. I know you hate it, but it has been applied liberally in our society and government. Critical Race Theory merely helps explain why that was needed. Which is probably why you hate that too.

Okay, I have hit my limit on McCrory photographs. Please stop, I'm developing a nervous tic in my right (face) cheek...

And you can thank Dem AG Josh Stein for that, but you won't hear that from Republican lawmakers like Lazzara.

The very definition of astro-turfing, created and refined by the Koch Brothers. I'm pretty sure about 99.9% of Americans want lower prices for prescription drugs, so the only way to stop this is by deception.

Something he wasn't planning to do anyway, but don't let me get in the way of hyperbolic nonsense.

On that face-palming note, here's your Onion:

I knew it!