Tuesday Twitter roundup

Pretty sure elected Republicans are already aware of this, it's their base that needs educating. Gotta break their addiction to Fox News first, though.

Republicans + Independents (who are actually Unaffiliated, dumbass) is an entity that doesn't exist. I know why you want to push this false meme, because Unaffiliated now outnumber Republicans by over 200,000 voters. But it's wrong, and lazy AF.

These are the same people who claim (with zero proof) that Trump won the election. Truth means nothing to them.

In case you're still iffy about the dangers of rubber bullets:

A massive review study published in the journal BMJ Open in 2017 analyzed 1,984 rubber bullet injuries, Inverse reports. Among the people struck by rubber bullets, 300 ended up with permanent disabilities and another 53 people died.

“Blunt trauma can be as lethal as penetrative injuries,” Michele Heisler, a University of Michigan medical professor and the medical director of Physicians for Human Rights, told Inverse.

During recent and ongoing protests, police have aimed rubber bullets at protestors heads and throats — a practice that can rupture eyeballs and shatter bone, which is what happened to journalist Linda Tirado, who permanently lost vision in one eye after being shot with a rubber bullet by police.

“When they are fired at close range, the levels of lethality and patterns of injury of many types of [kinetic impact projectiles] are similar to those of live ammunition,” Heisler told Inverse. “Most simply cannot be used safely against crowds.”

Every police department in the state needs to be made aware of this, and that includes the Highway Patrol.

Mark your calendars, I'm in agreement with Jim Perry.

Not sure how a Poli Sci degree makes somebody a Healthcare Policy Expert (or why that needs to be capitalized), but I don't need to watch this video because I know what he's going to say. And it rhymes with "market."

Jebus! Am I turning into a Conservative? I agree with this opinion, too...

Come on, not even one mask? This is a prime example of why vaccine passports are not an overreaction.

Bobbie don't play around...

Some of that must have come from firefighting foam (in addition to chemical plant discharges), but that doesn't make it any less horrific. Speaking of:

It's a step in the right direction, but could be better:

The measure would create a trust fund and pay firefighters diagnosed with occupational cancers $25,000 up front for medical expenses under certain conditions. Firefighters must have worked five consecutive years in the fire service and not have had a job for the previous five years linked to a high rate of cancer. The firefighter must also not have a history of using tobacco products. The $25,000 can be used to pay expenses related to their medical treatment for cancer.

The legislation would also expand death benefits for firefighter families for certain types of occupational related cancers. The new proposal would now include respiratory, urinary and digestive system related cancers. North Carolina currently pays death benefits for occupational related cancers, which include mesothelioma, testicular cancer, intestinal cancer and esophageal cancer.

A recent survey found more than 250 North Carolina firefighters were diagnosed with cancer over the last decade. If approved by the N.C. Legislature, the measure would be effective July 1, 2021. North Carolina is one of the last state's in the U.S. without presumptive cancer benefits available to firefighters battling the disease.

Bolding mine, because of course we are.

I've got Scottish roots myself (Clan Geddes), but they swung and missed four years ago, and are still pretty much a vassal of the United Kingdom. Brexit may be the push they need, but I am not holding my breath.

Okay, this needs to jump out of here and lead the news stories, so here's your Onion:

Well, it would lower constipation rates a great deal...