Tuesday Twitter roundup

They say they want the best of the best teaching their children, but in reality, they would be happy with a robot teaching from a Texas textbook.

He's just doing what Republicans do, try to take power away from elected Democrats whenever they can.

Before you go spouting nonsense on social media, take five f**king minutes and check yourself. The bills are not the same, SB220 doesn't strip away the power of the Governor (or school boards) to take a step back if outbreaks occur.

Nice try, but you can't distract from or bury Mark Johnson's blatant anti-Semitic tendencies. As if you really care about Jews, constantly retweeting this Nazi jerk:

A Nazi and a misogynist. How heartwarming.

Really? One branch of the government stripping authority from another branch is a "no-brainer"? Here's a no-brainer: the restrictions had been in place for 8 months when voters chose to re-elect Governor Cooper. There is no justification for another in a long line of power grabs by the NC GOP.

I have a whole lot of questions, like: who decides the difference between a protest and a riot? If you're holding a sign five blocks away from somebody who breaks a window, are you going to jail, losing your right to vote? There are a lot of good provisions in the bill, but this is a poison pill. Fix it.

Well, I'm glad to see Maddie focusing on important issues. Yes, that was snarkasm.

I really didn't even need to read this:

According to an investigation by Huffington Post reporter S.V. Date, a dog rescue charity linked to Lara Trump has spent nearly 2 million dollars at various Trump properties over the last several years and dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on a fundraising event on Saturday. A permit filed with the town of Palm Beach, Florida, reveals Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s Saturday fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago cost nearly $225,000. As Date points out in his article, that money ends up directly in former president Trump’s hands.

Mixing politics and charity is risky business. By choosing to host multiple fundraising events at Trump-linked properties, Lara Trump is funneling money into companies that she has a vested interest in. That kind of self-dealing is reflective of the practices of the former Trump Foundation which was forced to shut down after an investigation into the charity by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood discovered it was engaging in “a shocking pattern of illegality” including “unlawfully coordinating with Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

Yeah, it's not so shocking anymore, is it? It's actually standard operating procedure for this family, but don't hold your breath waiting for Trump acolytes to figure that out.

That's an understatement...

It would be a lot brighter if you stopped building so many natural gas power plants. Those things are designed to last for decades, and you ain't gonna meet your 2035 carbon reduction goals that way. If those really are your goals, and not more bullshit.

Here's a political fact: When right-wing groups try to get clever and use pop culture references like Indiana Jones, they always miss the point. Trying to remove the Holy Grail from the cave cost several people their lives, but all the children who were enslaved in the Temple of Doom were set free. By a radical, Liberal professor, no less. Did you even watch the movies?

He "finally" signed the bill? It was filed on March 9, and Governor Cooper signed it into law on March 11. Two days, which has to be some kind of speed record. You need to get your car checked out, because I think carbon monoxide fumes are seeping in...

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

I wonder where he's going to get his insider trading tips after he leaves the Senate?