Tuesday Twitter roundup

Yep, next year's R Primary is going to be carnival show, but the D Primary might be pretty painful too...

That was also the first 6 years of Republican control of the NC General Assembly. You know, the ones who slashed unemployment benefits making NC the worst in the country, abolished the Earned Income Tax Credit that helped poor families, and who still continue to block Medicaid expansion, leaving over half a million families subject to crushing medical debt? Yeah, those people. They've turned NC into a nightmare hellscape for poor families, and we won't forget it.

The "People's Party"? I haven't had enough coffee yet, but I can safely say: Marianne Williamson has my blessing in joining it. Godspeed and all that...

Yeah, it's a huge problem. Unless you're white...

As different as night and day, but that won't stop the "Both parties are corrupt!" nonsense.

This is what passes for substance in conservative circles:

Roughly 20% of the $1.9 trillion will go to state and local governments, presumably to cover lower tax collections and higher state spending from the pandemic. (Another $130 billion heads to K-12 schools, “ostensibly to help them make the health and safety adjustments necessary to reopen for in-person learning,” as The Dispatch put it). This bailout gives a mulligan to states that managed finances poorly even before the pandemic.

It also indirectly says states (including North Carolina) that managed the people’s money well before and during the pandemic are suckers. No matter. You get a bailout! You get a bailout! Everybody gets a bailout!

State and local governments have lost numerous employees (in other words, numerous employees have lost their jobs) due to COVID 19. Calling relief a "mulligan" implies they screwed up somehow, and that is simply not the case. Try harder, Rick.

They have done a phenomenal job, and those of us with a lick of sense know that.

Well, to be honest, I don't recall ever being "gifted" a statue, and then handed $2.5 million to build a goddamned mansion to house said statue. But that's just me...

I doubt any of these folks have had vaccinations yet, so the missing masks are even more...missing.

There is simply no excuse for women of color suffering so much more than everybody else. Effects like those are by their very nature structural, and that structure needs to be shaken. Hard.

On that concerning note, here's your Onion:

I probably would be...