Tuesday Twitter roundup

I agree wholeheartedly. It's time to roll.

That argument is too idiotic to even address.

The Robeson County Democratic Party needs to jump on this with both hands (and feet), because the Lumbees need to understand just how mistaken they are for supporting the GOP.

Yeah, right. When everybody else has a wildly different take, you need to go back and check your numbers again.

The arguments coming from the right are getting more illogical every day...

Max is right on target with this:

Trump partisans may try to blame Iran’s most recent aggression on supposed Biden weakness, but the critique quickly breaks down. The Trumpists, for example, are irate about Biden removing the Houthis from the terrorism watch list. But the Trump administration added them to the list only on Jan. 19. If the terrorist designation was so important, why did Trump wait until the day before he left office to issue it? Like much of Trump’s foreign policy, this was incoherence masquerading as toughness. If Biden hadn’t taken the Houthis off the list, it likely would have made it harder to negotiate a peace settlement or deliver humanitarian aid to Yemen.

No doubt this was done at the request of either Saudi Arabia or Israel, if not both. The Houthis have suffered horribly during this war, and both of those countries want to wipe them out of existence.

Of course he lied, that's what they do.

I'm going to skip that for now, thank you very much...

It's good to see Republicans defending states' rights from an overbearing Federal government. Oh wait...

You're in North Carolina now, Joe. The word "jabroni" means less than nothing. I stopped calling people "malakas" when I moved back here from Chicago, even though there are many malakas wandering around, especially on Twitter feeds...

You may be asking yourself why a Libertarian like Corey Friedman would be supporting something that makes government spend more. It's because making sure as many citizens as possible are aware of government activity will reduce wasteful spending in the long run. These are bad bills, and should be stopped.

On that transparent note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, Zuck is getting a little too big for his britches...