Tuesday Twitter roundup

Wishing you a quick recovery, Brian. And thanks for your service to the people of NC.

Translated: "The attack on public schools is continuing!" Idiots.

Nice try, but government is far more accountable to the people than the most open and honest private sector entity.

What a friggin' relief.

Somebody needs to get Mark Robinson on the record about this. He will merely deflect and quickly change the subject, but it should be amusing.

Unfortunately, the UK actually did leave. Hopefully we'll have better luck...

Put a mask on, dipshit. If for no other reason than to muffle whatever nonsense you're about to release into the atmosphere.

It's not even an entire page long, and Tillis hasn't read it yet? Dude is worse than useless...

Well, we're waiting for those links, Pete...

Yeah, that whole attempted coup and storming of the U.S. Capitol building was just the media trying to scare everybody. Y'all are a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

This dude is a delusional pre-teen:

Now, with Cawthorn’s fame tied up in accusations that he helped incite a violent insurrection and with opponents calling for him to be expelled from the House after just days on the job, basic survival instincts are kicking in. I asked him about a tweet sent just after his election — “Cry more, lib” — that had helped make him a right-wing star. “That’s the thing I regret most,” he said. Wait a minute — isn’t this the party of “Don’t retreat, reload?” Of never admitting any wrongdoing so that you never have to be accountable? Cawthorn said many Republicans have encouraged him to hold the line. “I get so many texts from a lot of people who feel like they’re great advisers, saying, ‘Never apologize! We never back down! We never do this!’ ” he said, raising his voice.

But that’s not going to work for him anymore, not in the environment he feels forming in the void left by Trump. “I think that’s bad for the country,” he said. “I really think that us just saying whatever the fuck we want to say and then — please don’t quote the ‘fuck’ — just saying whatever we want to say and then never apologizing for it, never saying, ‘Oh, you know what? That was wrong. This is actually wrong because this is actually not factual; here, let me fix that.’ I think that hurts our party, and it hurts us as humans and Americans because it makes people just so angry and aggressive toward one another. I don’t think it makes you weaker to apologize.”

To be clear, Cawthorn is talking about contrition in theory; he is not saying he is sorry for his participation in Trump’s rally. In fact, he thinks his speech to the mob may have saved his colleagues’ lives. “Maybe my remarks that day led to a thousand less people, or ten less people, who didn’t storm the Capitol,” he told me. “Maybe that number would’ve been enough to breach the House floor, and congressmen could have died or more police officers could have died. I think my comments there led to less violence.”

Here, Cawthorn is almost certainly in uncharted waters, which is his analogy, not mine. “I feel a lot like Magellan,” he said. “You know — the great explorer during the Age of Exploration.”

Seriously, he's out there. Way out there.

Oh, yeah. Seeing right-wingers quote his peaceful messages every year at this time is beyond nauseating. His calls for justice and equity are still being ignored by them.

Shabas is a quack, which is why he was fired. He's an anti-vaxxer, and in the early 1990's he advocated locking up gay people who have sex as a method for combating the AIDS pandemic. And just to be clear, when you have lockdowns and mask mandates in place, arguing the disease is "not that bad" by looking at statistics is laughably ignorant.

On that face-palming, head-scratching note, here's your Onion:

It's funny, but not so funny. Glock Lady needs to be behind bars.