Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Board of Elections should never have allowed that elevator picture in the first place. She didn't have to campaign hard during election season, because her smiling face was etched into everybody's memory,

Every one of these people who were armed should be taken into custody. This is domestic terrorism, and the fact they were calling the Secretary of State a "threat to democracy" while they were trying to intimidate her is beyond absurd. Trump is causing this, and he doesn't care who gets hurt or arrested. It's all about him.

Digital ballot stuffing? Nevermind, I don't want to know...

Oh, hell no. Arizona is (by far) the worst state for charter accountability in the country. And what little these companies do have to report shows an across-the-board pilfering of taxpayer dollars for personal gain, skimming off 15% of "not for profit" revenues to management companies like this one. Never should have been allowed in the first place, and expanding their reach is borderline criminal.

Spoiler? It would only be a "spoiler" if you actually supported something that 2/3 of the states have already done. You opposing it is somewhere between obvious and part of your job description.

"Quiet" part, you semi-literate oxygen thief.

I've found that local tv and newspapers will go out of their way to not report negative stuff about local/regional elected officials during the latter days of an election. Unless the national news is reporting it and they don't have an excuse.

Bet they make residents pray before every meal, though.

Yeah, Pat McCrory tried (hard) to kill our film industry, cutting film grants and going all-in on the HB2 debacle. And now he's whining because they're filming near his house and the crew is eating at food trucks. Go lie down, you didn't get your nap out.

Actually, the second round of relief passed out of (your) House back in May, which you voted against. And McConnell refused to let the Senate vote on it. So why don't you STFU about Pelosi and at least try to help your constituents.

Wait, I thought this whole COVID 19 thing was "no big deal." But you're all of a sudden concerned about prisoners? In reality, you're only concerned about poking at Roy Cooper, regardless of the subject matter.

It's the same old song and dance from the GOP:

Krawiec suggested expanding access to telemedicine, and reforming scope of practice and licensure laws to allow providers to practice up to their full abilities. She wants to reform the Certificate of Need laws that choke competition within the state by restricting the supply of medical equipment.

And she focused on moving ahead with Association Health Plans, which would offer businesses the chance to bargain for health insurance as a larger group. The law allowing the plans is currently tied up in court.

“It’s just prohibiting a lot of people from getting the coverage they can get,” Krawiec said. “The business community was overwhelming behind it. It’s a great idea to provide coverage for people, especially in low wage industries.”

Telemedicine is an extremely limited approach to healthcare, since no physical examination is possible. Unless the patient has been to a lab for bloodwork ahead of time, all you can do is look at each other and talk. And if you think it's cheaper than a doctor's office visit, think again. My bill for a fifteen minute phone convo (couldn't get the video app to work) was $140. As far as CON laws are concerned, I'm still on the fence. Reforming them "might" reduce costs via competition, but it's not a foregone conclusion. Whoever spends the big bucks to purchase an MRI is going to want to recoup that investment, and having two of them within a few miles of each other may actually increase the costs for each one, by splitting that local market.

The best and maybe only way to fill that coverage gap is to expand Medicaid, like 35 other states have.

It's okay (great?) to be in the minority of states who ignore the healthcare needs of half a million people, but it's not okay to be in the minority of states who exercise caution with press briefings during a pandemic. As usual, the puppet strings have gotten tangled.

On that face-palming note, here's your Onion:

Yep, see it every day.