Tuesday Twitter roundup

I agree. His latest op-ed reads like a GOP press release, blaming teachers and principals. He should have focused on bringing more resources to lower income school districts, instead of whining about no progress.

Clarence Thomas is the poster child for bad Supreme Court nominations. But he's got some serious competition for that title these days.

What the hell is Madison Cawthorn doing in Atlanta? You know what, I don't want to know, at least until I have more coffee.

Tell that to the Stanly County elementary school teacher who just died from COVID 19. Oh wait...

I could have gone (forever) without seeing Tim Moffit's name in print again.

The President of the United States is hospitalized for this virus, and you're still acting ignant about pandemic precautions. Can't fix stupid.

Out of context my ass. You literally said Trump now has experience with having Coronavirus, and Biden doesn't have that. Some comments are so idiotic they can't be walked back with a leash.

Still not gonna get excited. But that's pretty substantial.

Par for the course.

Gee, it must be a white male thing. Apparently a toxic level of masculinity is still leaking into our groundwater.

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

Could easily be "not the Onion."