Tuesday Twitter roundup

I endorse this message. Tillis hasn't done squat for North Carolinians in the last six years. Quintessential oxygen thief.

Kudos to the Salisbury Post for standing on the correct side (I can't bring myself to say "right side" anymore) in this argument, although they shouldn't have to. But when adults switch roles with children:

Maybe parents should follow the example of their children, who are required to wear masks in school, instead of the other way around.

the obvious needs to be stated.

Hell, it shouldn't even be tied. But that's wipipo for you.

Thank you, sir. Your dedication to democracy has not gone unnoticed.

I know you didn't just say that. Trump's trade war with China is literally killing our farmers, and he stole $80 million from NC's military just to build his stupid wall. Are you even paying attention at all?

Thanks. I needed to bark a laugh this morning, the coffee is not doing its job.

I kinda dread taking this dive, but here we go:

Freas went back to her room after getting tested and waited about four hours before receiving a call from Carolina Housing about moving in.

“You imagine moving into a dorm as a very monumental, special thing, but when you’re moving into a quarantine dorm, you have no one helping you,” Freas said. “You only brought the stuff that you can carry. It’s very disheartening.”

She was given the code to a locker outside of Craige North, which had keys to her room and food for the first night in quarantine.

“I couldn’t hear anyone talking in the hallways,” Freas said. “There was no music. It was just desolate. I just unpacked everything and went to bed that night.”

Freas received daily emails with a survey for symptom monitoring for Campus Health, but like Bass, had expected to receive phone calls.

“It was a little hard because I was like, ‘Am I being forgotten about? Am I really valued?’ Yeah, they drop off food, but that’s it,” Freas said.

The cynical part of my brain is cooking up snarky refrains, but my heart is telling it to STFU. Forced isolation is not the same thing as peaceful escape. Not even close.

"Good"? If defying the elected Governor of the state, and endangering the health of citizens during a pandemic, is your idea of good, I'd hate to see what "bad" would be.

That's nice, but there are literally thousands of voting precincts in North Carolina, employing tens of thousands during elections. County Commissioners have cut more than $5 million from their already strained budgeting for election boards, and we're supposed to be impressed by this? It's a joke, and a bad one at that.

She should take both Cawthorn and Fox News to court for that BS.

I don't care if he exorcised a demon from you and then performed CPR to save your life. Newby is a bible-thumping moron who has (repeatedly) elevated "God's law" over the laws passed by democratically elected representatives, making him extremely unqualified for any bench, much less the highest one in the state.

Um, what? Roy Cooper is hurting business so Biden can blame Trump? Did your prescription run out waiting for USPS to deliver a refill?

On that inscrutable note, here's your Onion:

It would not surprise me to find out he actually said that.



Don't know how you do it

I think FB is pretty toxic, but man oh man, Twitter is in a whole nother league of badness. Thank you for doing it.