Tuesday Twitter roundup

A North Carolina toady, no less. A multi-millionaire trying to stifle the votes of the less fortunate, Louis DeJoy is vintage Trump.

Good info. But did you really need to change the colors that represent election years? Pick a scheme, and stick with it. 2020 is confusing enough as it is.

Okay, I get the sarcasm, but many who frequent the ncpol feed won't. What am I saying? I'm the worst when it comes to ambiguous snarky observations...

He's not wrong, you know.

And poor Dandy's biggest supporter is too busy being prosecuted for bribery to throw any money at him. Bummer.

Don't waste your time reading this, there are no solutions presented. Because they have no solutions, only backhanded blame for the government.

Tell us about it, Gary:

This gerontocracy, like most things in America today, reflects the aging of Boomers. So many of us were born between 1944 and 1964 that we’ve dominated America economically, socially, culturally and politically as we’ve moved into our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and now 70s.

Boomers will tell you that 70 is the new 50. We pride ourselves on our health, our fitness and our eternal youthfulness. We go on and on about it, like the gabby old geezers we are.

Actually, we’re just lucky. We happened to be born in the greatest nation on earth at the very time it went through an unprecedented economic boom with huge improvements in health care and the greatest gains in nutrition, education and quality of life in history.

We took it all for granted. We figured it was our birthright. We expected it to go on indefinitely without us having to do much. Like when we were kids.

Ayep. Nailed it. And bonus points for the word "Gerontocracy." I shouldn't get so excited over clever new nomenclature, but it's been a long f**king quarantine...

Why? Because conservatives love segregation.

Yeah, it's a huge deal. Eviction moratoriums expiring at the same time as federal UI benefits? Who thought that was a good idea? Republicans, of course. Always wrong.

Not sure if waiting is a good idea, but if this website works properly, we need to tell everybody how to do it.

That is nothing short of infuriating. Trump should be dragged into court over this, even if it's merely a wrongful death civil suit. Grrr.

If your very life depends on one man's interpretation of a book you can freely read yourself, the problem is facing you in the mirror. Not to mention, that pastor or priest can livestream that sermon if it's so important, just like teachers have been doing.

And he also flip-flopped on Trump's "emergency" declaration that stole tens of millions in military funding for things like schools and health care facilities on NC bases. Hell, he probably tried to gut funding for the very thing he's ribbon-cutting right now. The man is worse than useless.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

Trump is probably jealous as hell.



Except, this being DeSantis...

he'd probably go full Florida Man and cut the power line by accident, shocking himself and burning the building down. But he'd still pretend it didn't happen.

Teh stupid is strong in this party...

Ain't nobody tried to "Expand Medicare" in NC. Medicaid is a completely different program.