Tuesday Twitter roundup

He's either doing nothing or doing the wrong thing. He's not even a broken clock.

Now that is funny. One of the (many) differences between Dem and Repuublican lawmakers is the ability to deploy self-deprecating humor from time to time. Without over-analyzing it (too late), it reflects the GOP's stunted approach to self-identity, of maintaining a false image of masculinity that really has no place in 21st Century socialization.

This treads on several logical fallacies, but the "false analogy" is the strongest. Day care centers and schools have one major difference that blows the analogy out of the water, the fact that children move from one class to another (often with different children in attendance) all throughout the day in schools, while day care is generally the same group, with much less movement from place to place. But it's also an "appeal to extreme" argument, because somebody who wants everything open is complaining that not everything is closed. And it is indeed absurdum.

And the ignorance continues:

That's over 112,000 people infected, so you can shove that 1% argument up your ass. But even more important: If Governor Cooper had not taken the steps he did, how many people would be infected? This argument is as stupid as conservatives complaining we no longer need clean air regulations because our air is so clean now.

I don't even have to read that to know there will be a few plugs for private schools in there, because the Puppets can't write *anything* about education without doing so.

Okay, I'm glad to see that, but I'm still stinging from the poll fiasco of 2016. So I'm going to immediately forget this.

Correction, "his" voters won't care, but they now appear to be down to about 38% of the population. Dammit! I was supposed to forget that poll...

Might as well not even ask Trump if somebody else did something right. Narcissists can't stand to do that, even when talking about friends.

Good job? Dude had less than a 50% attendance rate in the NC Senate, where he's supposed to "preside." If a McDonald's employee pulled that shit, he/she would be fired on the spot.

I'd buy that album. Or CD...Or whatever it is you kids are using as a medium for music. Data cube? Oh wait, that's Star Trek...

Guh. There are so many detestable Republicans to keep up with I can't even.

Wrong on both counts.

Way too many women in that crowd, including some young girls. What the hell are they thinking? Do they genuinely not know what a creep Trump is, or do they not care?

Before I give you your weekly bite of Onion, here are a few parting words of wisdom from Governor Hunt:

“When you get in higher office, you need to keep learning,” Hunt said. “You need to keep listening to people. You don’t get in there and think you know it all. You listen to people who do know a lot and you learn from them, and you try to design an approach that will make sense.”

Trump can't (and won't) do that, because he's a narcissist. And when things inevitably go wrong because of it, he just makes up lies to cover the mistakes. It's untenable, and so is the idea that his re-election is still possible after everything we've seen.

True story.