Tuesday Twitter roundup

Two-faced Tillis strikes again...

'It wasn't an insult, I was just showing how much I care!" Idiot.

There you go, James. Ask your Trump-loving Naval Academy buddies about this one. Opposing Fascism is the patriotic thing to do.

That doesn't even need a fact-check or quote from the Gov's office to prove it's a lie. Trump is a fucking idiot.

Don't hold your breath waiting on Civitas to denounce Fascism. They're too busy making illogical references to Marxism by people on the left to see what's happening under their noses.

The UNC School of Government comes through once again:

Police chiefs across the state have been invited to participate in a pilot program run by the UNC School of Government’s Criminal Justice Innovation Lab (CJIL) and the NCACP: The Citation Project, which seeks to improve policing practices through implementation and rigorous evaluation of a model citation in lieu of arrest policy.

Last week, the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police invited its members to apply to serve as pilot sites for the new project, according to a UNC SOG blog post.

The project has three components: (1) developing a model citation in lieu of arrest policy; (2) selecting North Carolina police departments to serve as pilot sites and supporting their implementation of the model policy; and (3) conducting an empirical evaluation to assess impact on core criminal justice metrics.

It's time to stop the out-of-control incarceration industry, while we still can.

Go. Away. And take Mark Johnson with you...

In Wilmington, of all places. As far as that imaginary white child asking such a question, that would be a damn fine time to tell him/her about systemic racism, unequal police treatment, and of course the Wilmington massacre of 1898.

That was a runoff election, for a Primary, no less. Nobody was worried about long lines. Go back into your bomb shelter and suck a few eggs.

Lol! A reporter just asked the Dan Forest campaign what his plans would look like, and the reporter was told, "We'll get back to you." Or some such nonsense. Once again, if the GOP accuses somebody of something, it's a good bet they're guilty of it themselves.

The Session resumes in September. Can you not wait a few months? Scratch that, I don't want to know.

This is somewhere between a push-poll and threat to be fired:

The survey allowed employees to indicate their preference between the following options:

• Remain in current school assignment and report in-person to work as directed by my principal or supervisor

• Resign

• Retire

• I have applied or intend to apply for a leave of absence related to COVID-19

• I am requesting an alternative work arrangement, e.g. working remotely, if available for my position, for reasons related to COVID-19

The “alternative work arrangement” option was available only to employees who qualified as high risk:

High-risk categories include individuals 65 years or older or those with underlying medical conditions such as the following:

• People with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
• People who have serious heart conditions or who are immunocompromised
• People with diabetes, chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis or renal failure or liver disease
• People with severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 40 or higher)

Whoever came up with this survey should be fired. Teachers have to put up with enough crap without this level of intimidation.

He really does have a possum wearing a mask on his wall. I'm glad to see somebody finally making fun of it, but I'd rather see him (and his possum) gone from those chambers.

On that silly yet irritating note, here's your Onion:

Honestly, all you have to do is drop a few comments on GAB and they would be there in a heartbeat. They're not all that swift, is what I'm saying.



Not the Onion...

Trump has been trying to force China to do...something different on trade for the last year and a half, and has not only failed miserably, he's punished American companies and consumers in the process. Do you think China gives two shits if American citizens file a lawsuit against them? They're probably laughing their asses off right now over this.

Tillis is worse than useless, he's the class clown and doesn't even know it.