Tuesday Twitter roundup

COVID 19 infections align with other negative health outcomes suffered by minority families, thanks to a system that was designed to cater to the wealthy. Everything has a price tag, but not everybody can pay those prices.

You know what, let him keep digging his own grave, both political and actual. 70% of North Carolinians support the mask mandate, and this idiot can't change that by puffing out his chest.

Actually, retail stores are open. I just shopped in Barnes & Noble on Friday, and there were about the same number of customers there as there were pre-Covid. The last time I went to a mall like the above pre-Covid, there were about 95% elderly mall-walkers and nobody buying shit. They aren't being forced to stay away, they're just scared. And so should you be.

Lol! That's got to sting...

Two people died from the Ebola Virus in the United States, and they both contracted the disease overseas. As of right now, 132,000 Americans have died from Covid 19.

Come for the lucrative contract, stay for the Corona. That reminds me of a "consultant" my company hired to work on efficiencies. He got rid of our President and then took his job.

Don't forget, Tillis is the one who said restaurant workers shouldn't be forced to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Not what I would describe as a "health-conscious" politician, if you catch my drift...

Nope, it's still the Alamance NAACP running the protests. Nice try, dipshit.

Behind you all the way, Colonel. Let's get this thing done.

You are a special kind of idiot, you know that? Your election was almost as embarrassing as Donald Trump's. Almost.

I'll save you the trouble of reading the article: John also flinched. He couldn't decide what was the best reopening plan, so he left it up to the parents to decide. That's not a policy decision, it's a free-for-all, with the students and teachers caught in the middle.

That image perfectly encapsulates the recklessness and greed of the NC GOP, and the voters need to make them pay for that in November. It's like half the people are using their buckets to put water back into the boat, while the rest are doing the right thing and wondering why there's still so much water.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

That actually wouldn't surprise me. Nothing surprises me these days.




If you want a picture of empty areas in front of retail stores, you could get one at many malls in NC even before the pandemic.

They're steadily declining and closing around the country, with anchor stores like Sears going under and competition from online making the high rents just not worth it for many retailers.

Go to a Walmart or any of the outdoor shopping centers that are replacing indoor shopping malls and you see plenty of foot traffic.

Yeah, I kinda hate that

I mean, I get all the arguments against conspicuous consumption and national outlets killing mom & pop stores. But I have a lot of fond memories of hanging out at the mall, meeting kids from other schools and such. Going to Holly Hill Mall back in the day was like a mini-vacation. I even worked in Belks during Christmas season one year. *sigh*

Depends on the mall.

Some, like Southpoint in the Triangle, have worked out the correct mix to keep people showing up and buying. It's a combination of location, the right retail and entertainment mix, and size that seems to do it. The ones that haven't adapted or don't have the right natural advantages are declining, which is most of them. That's where we're seeing the Big Box outdoor shopping center replacing them, because it's a newer model and can create the advantages it needs in the current environment. That won't last either, of course, but it's dominant for now.