Tuesday Twitter roundup

All hands on deck tomorrow:

They better not start back with their tricks during this pandemic, but I don't trust them to grasp how inappropriate that would be.

Probably shouldn't even respond to this lame-ass conjecture, but: Crimes against property have taken a back seat to crimes against persons for a long time. There is no comparison between a broken window and a fractured skull, and there never should be. That is the spirit of our system of justice, but it's not always the practice. George Floyd had his life taken away for passing a counterfeit $20 bill, and he probably wasn't even aware he did it. And if it wasn't for the outrage that ended up destroying several businesses, his murderer would likely still be free right now, and still be wearing his uniform.

Governor Cooper's statement was not radical, it was a reflection of sound jurisprudence, something we are desperately in need of these days.

It may have "hurt" families, but it didn't kill them, like unrestricted access would have.

The party of Lincoln(?) should not be concerned about removing icons of traitors. They should have done it themselves, actually...

Did you ever give back that money from indicted briber Greg Lindbergh? Money that was likely defrauded from many NC citizens via insurance premiums? Are you even willing to talk about it? These are rhetorical questions, because your integrity ranks down there with your idol Donald Trump.

Not really sure if that's possible, Joyce.

"Just because you've got COVID 19, it doesn't mean that...you've got Covid 19. Because Freedom!"

Yeah, that's like 3 months plus. You should probably spend less time chirping on social media and more time processing claims...

Fox News has been working overtime to distract, disinform, and deflect away from Trump's actual words and actions. They will literally show a video of him giving a speech, but instead of letting its viewers hear Trump's words, they "explain" what he's saying. It's that bad.

I can't believe I never thought of that. Brilliant.

That is very tempting...

Of course he is. Testing makes him look bad, and makes his "things are much better" bullshit harder to float. Congress should have figured out long ago they can't trust him to "administer" their funding properly.

The irony of Grover Norquist appearing on a public television station very likely escapes both him and the show's host, but it should not escape the producers at WUNC-TV.

And this image is proof positive that Dandy is not qualified to run our state during a pandemic, or any other time. Scorning a proven safety measure just out of spite and desperation is not only imbecilic, it will literally cost lives. Shame on you.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

A New Kids On The Block cover band would probably draw a larger audience...



Bennie Jo McKinnon's tweet...

just proves the very thing it's trying to argue against. Masks are, in fact, scientifically proven to be very useful and effective, so that would mean that Gov. Cooper is also useful and effective, which is true. Sometimes the unintended message in rightwing propaganda is far more amusing and appropriate than they can ever understand.