Tuesday Twitter roundup

Just so bone-tired of seeing these two faces:

And the irony of Burr worrying about technology companies aiding the government by unlocking his phone is overwhelming...

And here we see the clueless conspiracy theorist Jay DeLancey reveal his already blatantly obvious partisan leanings. Go sit in a corner, and don't forget your duncecap.

Fec (bless his heart) has gone full-on anti-Greensboro lately. But at least while he's busy attacking government and business leaders (especially Cone Hospital, because Ed), he's been distracted away from obsessing about Kathy Manning. Give it a rest, dude.

"you're." It's a contraction of "you are," and not a possessive determiner pronoun. I might as well be trying to explain volts and amps to a toddler holding a fork in front of an outlet...

Again, I'd rather watch the Hallmark Channel's remake of a Christmas Carol with Tori Spelling being visited by ghosts William Shatner (come on, man) and Gary Coleman. Just shoot me now and get it over with.

Please please please...

I will freely admit we probably give them more exposure here than we should. But since a lot of them show up waving Trump flags, I want voters to see how much he has twisted some in our society.

We grounded all air flights for two days after 9/11. One dude had a (faulty) bomb in his shoe, and now we all have to take off our shoes to get on an airplane. COVID 19 has killed over 100,000 Americans, all fifty states enacted some form of restrictions, but you are laser-focused on Roy Cooper's widely popular efforts to protect us. Get a frickin' hobby, man.

A little dissension in the ranks? Ashley's nut-job husband starting to frighten you a little bit? You should be frightened when he starts spouting that "New World Order" crap while toting his machine gun. That ain't the freedom I jumped out of airplanes to preserve.

Don't make me miss Mark Meadows...

Okay, does this mean proposed changes to NC's law going from two witnesses to only one should be revised again? Yes. A lot of elderly people live alone. Even one witness is too many.

Yeah, we are testing more, so naturally we will have more cases to report. But it also means previously reported numbers were well below the actual infection rate. Both sides need to stop trying to mine this data to back up their partisan messaging, because these are real people suffering.

I endorse this message:

Let’s hope Cooper (as well as Charlotte leaders and all other North Carolinians who care about public health) stick to this responsible stance. There could be significant progress in combating the pandemic between now and then, but it’s hard to see how bringing thousands of unmasked conventioneers to North Carolina’s largest city to hang out in close quarters for a week just 90 days from now is not going to pose a serious threat to public health. In any event, we hardly know for sure at this point.

And for what purpose? To serve as a studio audience for a reality TV show with a foregone conclusion — i.e. the latest self-coronation of a nattering and narcissistic nabob who probably can’t name three cities in North Carolina?

Honestly, political conventions have become obsolete anyway. Yes, it would be nice to bring some business to Charlotte at a time when the economy is struggling, but given Trump’s long track record, he and his minions will probably stiff us for for many of the bills associated with the event anyway.

That "self-coronation" dig is right on the money. This would be a great time for the media to explore the mafia-esque silencing of Trump's Primary opponents, since they failed to do that when it was actually happening. This is not really a Convention in the classic term, it's kabuki theatre. They could Zoom that shit and be done in fifteen minutes. But since Trump has been going through rally withdrawal, he desperately wants teeming masses dripping with adulation. That they will be dripping Corona all over the place doesn't bother him a bit, and that alone should spell his doom come November.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

Here's your 1.5% COLA, which we couldn't afford to give you for the last five years. Good job.