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Ode to Dandy:

It's all demagogues know how to do.

As usual, this article is littered with deregulation nonsense, implying (rather transparently) that U.S. meat shortages can be blamed on the government. But what you won't see anywhere in this faux-Libertarian nonsense is the fact that pork producers are exporting to China like crazy:

But now, as the United States is on the brink of its own meat crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, American pork supplies are being shipped off to China at a breakneck pace, creating the perfect recipe for additional U.S.-China tensions.

For some American consumers, the optics of this situation might be poor given how the virus originated in China late last year. But record U.S. meat exports to China have been the plan all along, to satisfy both China’s needs and to lift U.S. business.

Sales of U.S. pork and beef to China were especially elevated in April, but several U.S. slaughterhouses began to close last month due to outbreaks among employees of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus. Animal slaughter has sharply declined, and fresh meat appears on its way to joining toilet paper on the “endangered” list at U.S. grocery stores.

The U.S. meat shortage and the Phase 1 goals of increasing exports to China seem to be opposing forces, raising the question of whether sales and shipments will or should be limited. Some restrictions would not be surprising given U.S. President Donald Trump’s more combative tone in his recent comments on trade with China.

Why would the Carolina Journal completely leave that critical factor out of their "assessment" of meat shortages? Because Free Market. If pork producers want to starve Americans so they can make a profit, oh well. Best let them do what they want.

Yeah, I watched the video, kinda wish I hadn't. Willful ignorance on parade, and in view of numerous children. Disgusting.

Yeah, that is pure stupidity. I actually have a printer (it's my fifth one), but it wore out just like its predecessors. I can still scan images (photos, etc.), which is why I haven't pulled an Office Space and taken a sledge hammer to it. But it can't even print two sentences on a piece of paper, with brand-new ink cartridges put in.

p.s. I wasn't aware I was still so angry at that particular piece of...electronics. Serenity Now, dude. And that just reminded me Jerry Stiller is dead. F**k!

I'd rather watch the entire Twilight Saga, and I hate that mess...

Rise n Shine just long enough to stumble and fall over. Sheesh.

That makes absolutely no sense. The needs of lesser-populated counties are also less expensive, but those needs exist, nonetheless. This is pure crazy:

That decision means that while Forsyth currently will receive $6.4 million from the $4.07 billion CARES package allotment to North Carolina, Guilford gains $93.7 million.

Guilford had 537,174 residents as of 2019, while Forsyth had 382,295 as the state’s fourth largest county. Wake County is receiving $194 million in direct CARES aid, while Mecklenburg County is getting $193.8 million.

The offices of Reps. Virginia Foxx, R-5th, and Mark Walker, R-6th, could not be reached for comment on whether they planned to make such a request. Foxx is the current U.S. House representative for Forsyth.

Taylor Theodossiou, press secretary for Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-10th, said Sunday it’s not likely Winston-Salem would get federal funding outside the state allotment from the CARES Act.

“Any entity of local government below that population threshold must apply for funds through their state government,” Theodossiou said. “In this case, the state of North Carolina decided that Forsyth County would get $6 million.”

McHenry voted against the $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package passed by the Democrat-controlled U.S. House on Friday. The package is unlikely to pass the U.S. Senate, according to political analysts.

Welp, there you go Republican voters. Your Representatives in Congress are less than useless.

That's actually a pretty big deal. Spread the word.

The vast majority of the people who ride those buses for work are employed in jobs where telecommuting is impossible. But of course you already know that, so this is blatant misinformation.

Yeah, y'all can stop with the charade now. Ralph Hise is on record filing a bill to give voucher money to rich kids.

Yeah, and he's also talking about cutting the education budget. I don't trust Berger or the Carolina Journal.

That is a lot of chicken shit right there...

The Trump administration strikes again. This is the same Eastern District office that ignored absentee ballot fraud in 2016, and then later prosecuted a bunch of immigrants for voting. Hopefully it will be broom-time come January.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

This is a real thing...



Bonus Onion:

This is also a real thing, unfortunately. These are also the same people that will argue until they're blue in the face that the Civil Rights Act of the 1960's was unnecessary.


Re: John Hood

It sounds a lot more like lying.