Tuesday Twitter roundup

We should have known better. They pull some kind of stunt like this every session, but hopefully this will be their last.

Yeah, it is. Dredging up an old article about dead people having had other health issues besides Coronavirus is somewhere between blaming the victims and defending the damn disease. Photo-Op Dan is getting desperate, throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks, but he doesn't realize he's providing strong, damning evidence of how he would react to a crisis as Governor. We can't let that happen.

I don't seem to recall John Hood complaining about the Trump administration's soaring deficits, which are now surpassing a Trillion per year. But now, pandemic stimulus is an even larger virus than Corona. WTAF.

Not even close to being ready.

This is what inspired me to use "Insert an angry, frustrated observation in this space" as the intro in yesterday's NC Chamber post. Hopefully several people got it before reading this, because my sense of humor is becoming increasingly ambiguous in my dotage...

Keep it up, you'll soon find yourself enjoying the declining approval of NC citizens just like Dan Forest is. That includes conservatives, by the way, who largely support the Governor's efforts.

As much as I hate to do this to you, the idiocy of ReOpenNC adherents needs to be faced head-on:

A revolutionary act happened on May 5, 2020 in Bellhaven North Carolina at the First Christian Church, when NC district 79’s representative Republican Keith Kidwell attended worship services in person, in defiance of Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s orders that churches remain closed until at least May 23 amid Coronavirus concerns.

“Announcement to Governor Cooper, I will be sitting in a church pew. You do not have to authority to prohibit the free exercise of my religion!” Kidwell wrote on Facebook.

“This crisis right now in North Carolina, according to one of our lawyers, from the point of view of a Christian is the laregest Constitutional crisis of our time,” Kidwell told me, Sunday.

Bellhaven is in historic Beaufort County, which is also home to Washington, North Carolina. These people have faced overreach by the Government before.

On April 30, 1864, Federal troops burned the town of Washington in Beaufort County, including burning the churches, leaving many of the inhabitants destitute and homeless.

Many people see the irony that in an odd twist of logic, Democrat Cooper now uses “States Rights” claims to close the business and churches, threatening many of utter destruction.

I missed where Cooper made that claim. But I didn't miss Donald Trump telling Governors they were on their own, and to buy their own PPE and such. Kidwell is apparently planning on filing a lawsuit against Governor Cooper in the next few days. I kinda look forward to him getting his wittle feewings hurt...

They have no idea how much they resemble a death cult.

The vast majority of those nursing homes are run by private corporations. Private corporations that Dan Bishop would see totally unregulated, if he could. It's hard to imagine an empty suit that could also be a hypocrite, but here he is.

At least he didn't pull a McConnell and blow millions posing as a diametrically opposite interest group trying to sway a Primary election. That was pure stupidity, a core GOP trait.

I endorse this message. Just so you know, Ohio just concluded its all mail-in Primary election a few days ago. The fact you probably weren't aware of that is evidence of how smooth it went.

I don't have the heart (or desire) to tell these political neophytes that Glen Bradley was such a pain in the ass to his own Republican Party that they carefully drew the map to get him out of office. Whatever creds this group had with NC Legislators just got shot full of holes with Bradley's pop gun...

Oh, we have a fantastic location. But we vote like it's in the middle of the Mississippi swamp country. We're working on it...

Is that why he did his last little "interview" in front of the Lincoln Memorial? What a predictable pontz.

On that face-palming note, here's your Onion:

And yet, still he continues.



Bonus Onion:

It's actually kind of making me miss the days when people posted pictures of their restaurant food, and that drives me crazy. Here's a tip: I don't want to see that casserole you made with various about-to-go-bad leftovers. There's sometimes a fine line between clever and disgusting...