Tuesday Twitter roundup

Timely message for the malcontents:

Pay attention to the doctors and nurses; they're trying to save lives, like every other day.

Classic right-wing nonsense. Accuse Progressives of doing something they're not actually doing, and bolster your argument with a picture of indicted GOP operatives who actually did. Inscrutable. Can't be scruted.

But...if it "will happen," that means I haven't received it yet. Unless I prayed for the wisdom to not allow ambiguous scripture to guide me...

I sure as hell hope the Winston-Salem Journal gives Cal Cunningham the opportunity to rebut this piece of garbage.

A real quick way to figure out if someone is a lunatic is by perusing their hashtags. In this case, "Plandemic" and "False Flag" are dead giveaways. Somebody check her meds...

If Brent had to get two witnesses (one who isn't a family member) to sign off on his Tweets before they got published, he would shit a solid gold brick. And then sell it under the table to avoid taxes...

Um, she's a realtor. Nothing wrong with that per se, I just don't see how having open houses and getting top dollar for mid-mods translates to "pandemic warrior."

Yeah, I'm friends with Holden on Facebook. He rarely has good news these days, but it's always reliable. That Science journal is a must-read.

The hospitality industry is going to freak out, but this is a good idea. Students are going to need a head start in order to catch up.

Even if that's true, it means 26% of the loans went to companies who didn't need it, could have easily borrowed using their own assets as collateral. Also, 74% of the loans doesn't mean 74% of the money. That's what needs to be looked at.

No big surprise there. But I wonder if that will thin those numbers out at the next hoe-down. Also, "You're." It's one thing to screw up a homophone in a text or e-mail, but when you march around showing that shit to everybody, you are a special kind of stupid.

I guess that voucher money grows on trees...

And again, conservatives grossly misread the intent of those who wrote the Constitution. A Federal government that runs roughshod over state and local governments is not what they envisioned. Not even close.

Roger that, but we need more than just emergency funding. Believe it or not, quality day care now costs up to $1,250 per month in some areas. That's not just an economic hardship, it's become a women's rights issue. You combine that with rent, and single moms are facing an impossible hurdle. Bad for couples who are struggling, too.

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

I actually kinda is, if you think about it...



I can't even with these people...

We need to expand Medicaid permanently, but the very least we can (and should) do is deploy it to cover the costs of COVID 19 testing and treatment. The Puppetshow is giving Phil Berger all the cover he needs to block this in the NC Senate, and they should all be ashamed.

Very excellent Twitter round up

My god the Deplorables are depressing as shit. I don't know how you stand wading through that mess every week. Makes me want to put on my mask and gloves.

It's pretty bad.

I tend to focus on right-wing propaganda in this diary, but there's also a lot of good stuff being posted on the #ncpol feed. It's mixed bag, but there are some really nasty people on there. The extreme of the extreme. As bad as some of the above are, there are worse ones that I refuse to post here, because I don't want to give any legs to them.