Tuesday Twitter roundup

As usual, YDNC is leading the way:

Now if we "not so young" Democrats can pull this virtual thing off without too many hitches, I'll be impressed.

But our shorter duration (number of weeks paid) shifts our total benefits paid right down to the bottom of even that hand-picked list. Somehow this fact didn't make it into Brent's Tweet.

Look, I don't have anything against food trucks in general, I eat from them from time to time myself. But as a local Planning Board member, I've had to dig into this from an ordinance standpoint, and I've spoken with dozens of (stationary) restaurant owners. In the absence of regulations, a lot of these folks will park right across the street from established restaurants and poach their customers. And during this pandemic, when restaurants are doing take-out to try to stay in business, it can be even more damaging.

Yeah, well. Republicans like you are destroying this Earth, so I'm sure this scripture does give you comfort.

No surprise there. It's only "government waste" when taxpayer dollars remain in the public sector. When a private company siphons off those dollars, even wastefully with poor results, it's "entrepreneurship."

Jose Santiago is fighting an uphill battle in Union County, help him if you can.

STFU, Bob. You're out of your element. Finally. Dude carpet-bagged to another NC Senate District in 2018, and got his ass kicked in the GOP Primary. Regardless of what he says, they built that surplus on the backs of the poor and unemployed. Not because they were preparing for an emergency; they did it because they're assholes, plain and simple.

Keep digging that hole, Dan. We'll make sure there's a real nice headstone there.

I've only got about 6-7 kids on my street these days (many have grown up and moved out), but a school bus brings them lunch every day of the week. There are many heroes during this pandemic, and a lot of them work for NC's public schools.

I have no comment. I just wanted readers to see this school resource officer interacting with students. They're not all bullies.

I couldn't say it half as good as Rob:

As we’ve been reminded in recent days — days here in North Carolina that have been marked by almost painfully stunning spring beauty — one of the tiny slivers of silver lining in the current horrific disaster has been the sharp drop-off in deadly poisons that humans have been pumping into the atmosphere as a result of our sudden reduction in fossil fuel usage. Yesterday in Raleigh, it almost felt as if nature was celebrating the decline in human-made pollution.

None of this is to imply, of course, that the current situation is desirable. We obviously need to get out of quarantine and back to normal life. It is, however, worth remembering that COVID-19 is far from the only public health plague that confronts our planet right now. Thousands — probably millions — will also die premature deaths in the decades ahead thanks to air pollution and the climate crisis it is abetting. And right now, at a moment in time in which our fragility as a species has seldom been more plainly demonstrated, President Donald Trump and his evil minions are taking advantage of this desperate situation to compound the mess and further endanger the well-being of our species.

Shame on them.

Shame on them indeed.

You lost me at "Ted Cruz is right." 741 people in Charlotte have contracted COVID 19, and 7 of them have died. If you want to be pro-life, stay off the streets. More nonsense:

There's a ticking clock on a woman's right to choose. In North Carolina the deadline is 20 weeks, and forcing them to wait until the stay-at-home order is removed would be paramount to forcing them to keep an unwanted pregnancy. I'm sure the Benham Brothers would love to see that, but we aren't living in a Handmaid's Tale. Yet.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

True story.



Bonus Onion:

Funny but also not funny. A lot of these folks genuinely believe they are safe at church due to divine intervention. And if people do get sick, they just weren't faithful enough. *sigh*

Late addition...

Every day brings a new WTF.