Tuesday Twitter roundup

Somewhere between a blessing and a curse:

Unfortunately, this just means he now has his hands on Cabinet agencies. If anybody could fuck up this administration more than Trump, it's Meadows...

I made a promise on Twitter that I wouldn't criticize Folwell until after he was healed, but after reading the following, I'ma have to break that promise:

Folwell announced his condition Wednesday in a news release stating that he had returned from a trip with his son and was symptomatic when he returned to his office in Raleigh on March 16.

Folwell said in the statement that he has a perennial cough and thought his allergies were exacerbating it. He added that he was monitoring his temperature and didn’t see an increase.

But on March 23, Folwell’s doctor tested him for the virus and the test came back positive.

He went back to work for an entire week after traveling and then developing a cough. His employees were put at unnecessary risk, got infected, and now he "can't talk" to the media. He damned sure needs to make some phone calls, so he can squeak out "I'm sorry" to those he recklessly infected.

Yeah, don't hold your breath. Bill Barr isn't going to prosecute any Republicans, regardless of whatever crimes they commit.

Josh Stein is a blessing, the type of attorney general all states need. These AGs going after the ACA (especially now) are just nuts.

But the Free Market will save us! In reality, that invisible hand would rather choke us...

Let's see just how helpful this was:

Tillis also shared one of the latest advances when it comes to testing. "Found out over the weekend Abbott laboratories has a more rapid test, similar to the flu test, that can be done in the matter of minutes." Senator Tillis did say this will not roll out on a broad level due to specialized equipment that is required for the test.

Tills says these efforts are helping to better prepare the country for the next round of pandemic or epidemic.

Not helpful at all. Unless you hold stock in Abbot Labs...

I support them too, but I fear this may backfire on them.

If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed they had to update their number of people infected between Sunday morning and Sunday evening, adding over 100 to the total. You think they're making that shit up? Quit projecting, Stacey.

Lol! Says the man who wore a @#$%^& gas mask on the floor of Congress making fun of Coronavirus concerns. You're just as much an asshole as Burr is, so put a dirty sock in it.

More Libertarian nonsense. We should get rid of the price-gouging law so people wouldn't be able to afford sanitary wipes, and thus wouldn't be clogging the sewer pipes? Way to turn greed into a "public service." I just can't wrap my mind around these people...

And there goes another one of my favorite science fiction characters, Captain Dylan Hunt of the Andromeda Ascendant. Meh, I couldn't finish the series anyway because it got so redundant and predictable, which is a pretty good metaphor for Republicans in general. But still.

On that note of disillusionment, here's your Onion:

But are the Mexicans going to pay for it?



A fine Twitter Tuesday

I got in trouble for swearing on Twitter, which is why I use "shjt" and "asspole." I kinda like both in a pinch.

Andrew Romeo

is Tillis' comms director, the man behind the man behind the man behind the curtain. Looks like he takes his cues from Thom and Don in the White House. "You can never suck up too much."