Tuesday Twitter roundup

In the grips of a possible pandemic:

Not usually much for scare-mongering or overabundance of caution, but large gatherings of people should be avoided. Five (5) Wake County folks who attended a BioGen conference in Boston in late February contracted the Novel Coronavirus and brought it back home, and Dog knows where they've been going since then. Be smart, we're all counting on you.

Yeah, I mean, no. If you think I'm going to take advice from somebody who was home-schooled and is attending Franklin Graham's Liberty University, I've got a bridge to nowhere I'd like to sell you.

Ricky is wide open, and might just win this thing. UNC-CH Class of 2011, y'all. Show him some love...

Pay attention, folks. Child hunger in NC is a huge problem.

Marc Thiessen's a fucking idiot. I'll save you the trouble: He spends a great deal of time tearing down the Democratic Primary process, trying to cast it as "Socialism," but completely left out the fact the Republican Party WOULD NOT ALLOW challengers to Trump in several states. They tried to do it in North Carolina, but it didn't work. You know who does crap like that? Dictators.

You really need to do something about those walls...

We're going to try. It's looking considerably better than it did two years ago.

Our country has lost its soul.

What's next? Pushing for Justice Anita Earls to recuse because she led the Southern Coalition for Social Justice? Get ready, because any case that is even remotely connected to the General Assembly better not be presided over by Junior Berger. I will light Twitter up like a supernova...

Lol! You ain't Lady Gaga, pal. Let me guess, Blue Cross, Blue Shield (I'm writing this Monday afternoon, and I promise I won't change it after the, um, "Media Opportunity.")

Wolf is a Tea Party nut-job. His own Republican Party doesn't take him seriously, but he's perfect for Right-Wing Twits...

Rome is burning and Reverend Mark is renaming buildings. You won't be missed (at all) pal.

On that contemptuous note, here's your Onion:

Alright, just don't get any in my eyes.