Tuesday Twitter roundup

For your information:

Unfortunately, the turnout I've witnessed so far in this Primary has been dismal. I voted Saturday shortly after noon and was the only voter present. My point is, if you vote absentee in order to avoid waiting in line, think again.

I made the mistake of reading this article, mainly to see if West Virginia was willing to cooperate. Of course, that never came up, except as a passing reference to an (ancient) WV Constitutional provision that allows the state to annex new territories. In other words, nobody has asked if West Virginia would even want rural Virginia counties. I can't imagine why they would, because they would just drain more resources from an already poor state.

Now that makes me happy.

He already did explain, but nobody wants to hear it. If any charges are brought, the AG's office would have to defend DPI. This is a job for the Wake DA, or maybe Beth Wood. I'm thinking the latter might be best, because a very lucrative contract for Istation is at the middle of this controversy. That's Auditor territory.

^ Not wrong...

FWIW, playing a drinking game where Civitas dropping "Socialism" into the conversation triggers a drink would be a direct trip to the ER with alcohol poisoning...

Scream it from the mountaintop...

Does not surprise me, at all. Dan Forest has been propped up by a small cadre of donors his entire political life. People like that have no concept of ethics, and there's bound to be an entire swarm of forced donations like this.

Here's the problem with that: Only a small portion of my positions on issues are derived from conversations I have. Most come from either life experiences or research, or a combination of those things. On the rare occasion I do take the time to engage with a conservative, they usually throw out nonsense that was debunked years ago, that they very likely got from Fox or Brietbart.

But every now and then, I come across a Republican who genuinely seems to be interested in learning and listening, so I will keep that avenue open.

Dude, just fucking retire already...

You could have passed a mini-budget to cover that, or maybe even (gasp) sat down and negotiated with the Governor. But that's way too responsible for the NC GOP.

Um, why? I can't even name the dudes running against him for the R nomination, since Joe Walsh dropped out. But go ahead and spend your money.

See, this is the kind of evidence-lacking innuendo Republicans throw out to their flock, and they eat that shit up.

And the irony stick swings again, hard. Trump is steadily (and openly) firing administration officials who aren't sufficiently loyal to him, but this lone Dem candidate who wants to do the same exact thing is "unhinged." These folks are delusional.

They never give you enough grits. (yes, that comment was inappropriate, but I have not had breakfast yet, so...)

On that buttery, salty note, here's your Onion:

You should see the Grand Teton...