Tuesday Twitter roundup

This should be in everybody's top five issues that need to be addressed:

We don't need to "bring back" Debtor's Prisons, they already exist.

That is categorically untrue. Pundits called for it, activists called for it, but lawmakers themselves didn't take up that chant until early last year during the Mueller probe. And many of them did so because they viewed the Blue Wave as a mandate to bring order to the chaos of the Trump Presidency. It was actually Trump and his supporters that created the myth of the constant Impeachment threat, in order to scare people into maintaining a Republican majority in the US House. Which apparently backfired on them. Now carry on with your other nonsense...

It's also code for the privatization of Medicaid management, a mistake we apparently never learn from.

I agree wholeheartedly. Red states are already wielding undue influence via the US Senate, and now they're stifling the popular vote. Not how it was meant to be.

Considering Trump just told Tillis (in public) that he wouldn't put up with Tillis questioning him for very long, I think you have your answer.

Yeah, that's...unfortunate. I mean, if you're going to ignore states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and "focus" on Super Tuesday states like NC, at least get your ads right.

Dude doesn't have a creative bone in his body. This is the equivalent of saying, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Frankly, all Dem candidates need to make this pledge. It's been in the NCDP Platform for years, and a super(super)majority of the voters want to see it gone. This isn't a "fringe" issue, it's about democracy.

And this particular Twit thinks that's just fine. There are a few exceptionally nasty RW nutters on the ncpol feed, and she (if it is a she) leads the pack.

Not sure what SEANC is trying to say here, but it's likely some kind of half-assed support of Dale Folwell...

What? You know what, nevermind, such a migratory pattern doesn't even exist, much less for those reasons.

Yes, they're trying to get rid of Cal in the Primary. But that commercial also injects the "Green New Deal" into the conversation where it didn't really exist, so they could post things like this:

I will be glad when the Primary is over, so we can focus our attention (and money) on defeating people like Tillis and Trump. That's the real fight, and one we desperately need to win.

On that purposeful note, here's your Onion: