Tuesday Twitter roundup

Thom Tillis is a species of carrion fowl, preying on the less fortunate:

Thanks, I've been meaning to dredge up that old video anyway. Shaming people who need food stamps and other public assistance is craven, to say the least.

It's long past time for this, and for banning the box. Even getting an entry-level job in a manual assembly operation is out of reach for ex-cons, much less a higher paying job that would pay all the bills. You can't have reform and roadblocks, it won't work.

Talk about a broken record. Here's a truism Art Pope's minions don't want to hear: "You can't create more jobs by throwing money at wealthy people."

Also known as "Cosplay." Writing this on Monday in the hopes this is the most newsworthy thing that happens...

Reason #72 why Jesse Helms should have no memorials or buildings named after him, except maybe an outhouse:

Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), charging that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. espoused "action-oriented Marxism" and other "radical political" views, yesterday temporarily blocked Senate action on a House-passed bill to create a new national holiday in memory of the slain civil rights leader.

Asked before television cameras to say whether he considered King a "Marxist-Leninist," as he had suggested earlier on the Senate floor, Helms at first demurred, then said, "But the old saying--if it has webbed feet, if it has feathers and it quacks, it's a you-know-what." Asked again later if he considered King a Marxist, Helms said, "I don't think there is any question about that."

When asked if his attack on King would cause him political trouble in North Carolina, where he faces a tough race for reelection next year, Helms said bluntly, "I'm not going to get any black votes, period."

The man had no shame, and no business being in Congress, either.

Dog save us from radical moderates...

It's time for another deep dive into the science of this particular pesticide, just so people know how dangerous they are:

Systemic insecticides are applied to plants using a wide variety of methods, ranging from foliar sprays to seed treatments and soil drenches. Neonicotinoids and fipronil are among the most widely used pesticides in the world. Their popularity is largely due to their high toxicity to invertebrates, the ease and flexibility with which they can be applied, their long persistence, and their systemic nature, which ensures that they spread to all parts of the target crop.

Brief stop to explain that "systemic" thing. Once applied to roots or even seed pods, neonicotinoids spread throughout the plant's system, making the entire plant toxic. That includes whatever fruit, vegetable, legume, etc. is the final product. And it's a neurotoxin, which (very likely) confuses bees and other insects and makes it impossible for them to find their way back home. And neonicotinoids are apparently spreading (contaminating) far outside the areas where they are applied:

Environmental contamination occurs via a number of routes including dust generated during drilling of dressed seeds, contamination and accumulation in arable soils and soil water, runoff into waterways, and uptake of pesticides by nontarget plants via their roots or dust deposition on leaves. Persistence in soils, waterways, and nontarget plants is variable but can be prolonged; for example, the half-lives of neonicotinoids in soils can exceed 1,000 days, so they can accumulate when used repeatedly. Similarly, they can persist in woody plants for periods exceeding 1 year. Breakdown results in toxic metabolites, though concentrations of these in the environment are rarely measured. Overall, there is strong evidence that soils, waterways, and plants in agricultural environments and neighboring areas are contaminated with variable levels of neonicotinoids or fipronil mixtures and their metabolites.

They need to be outlawed in the United States, just like the European Union did two years ago.

I've read the bible, and don't recall anywhere in there where guns were mentioned. But I do recall something about beating swords into ploughshares and no longer learning how to make war.

We may get a decent Impeachment trial, with witnesses and additional evidence. That part only takes 4 R's to obtain (of course Burr & Tilllis would never step up). But getting 19 R's to flip on the President for a 2/3 majority vote to remove him from office just isn't in the cards.

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

True story.