Tuesday Twitter roundup

My sentiments exactly:

BTW, BlueNC Twitter is back, and worth following:

Long road ahead...

FWIW, having an incompetent Secretary is no justification for hiring an assistant for that person...

She's not wrong, you know.

Um, that ability was developed over millions of years of evolution, not via the waving of a magic wand. Which is a perfect analogy of the school choice movement itself.

Food for thought:

The Sanders people point to polls that show Bernie as competitive as Biden with Trump. What they miss is the attacks we haven’t seen. While there’s been back-and-forth on social media, we haven’t seen a sustained attack on Sanders like we’d see if he was the nominee. His policies would be defined as stripping away health insurance in favor of an unknown system. They would be characterized as massive tax increases. He would need to explain why he tolerated authoritarianism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe when it was behind the Iron Curtain. Sanders’ own words would be used against him to scare the daylights out of middle Americans who might not like Trump but also think things are going a little better than Bernie portrays them.

The Sanders revolutionaries will inevitably reshape the Democratic Party. Their ideas appeal to the next generation of Democrats more than the ones who hold much of the power today. However, the question is whether or not they’ll take it over like Tea Party and Trumpists did the GOP. Much of the battle will play out this primary season. 2020 could be the year we see what the future of our parties looks like.

It should be noted (clearly) that many of the Bernie Sanders supporters of 2016 have moved into the Warren camp, a development that Sanders did not have to face 4 years ago. And since I don't see either one dropping out of the race to give the other momentum, this "revolution" may become an internal civil war in the coming months. Meanwhile, Biden has taken many knocks, trails both of them in campaign donations, yet still leads by a substantial margin.

I don't see them "taking over" the Democratic Party, but they will force it to evolve. Some.

Honestly, that is a pointless exercise, and (very) likely the kind of thinking that brought us Donald Trump in the first place. The value/worth of a leader is gauged on the totality of their work, not a la carte selectivity.

You left out a few dog whistles there, need to work on that.

All they can do is cover their ears and chant, "Lalala, lalala, lalala." But seriously, if somebody still supports this freshly-dumped cow-patty, you can't expect any reasonable response from them.

This is not normal:

Mr. Mulvaney is said by associates to have stepped out of the room whenever Mr. Trump would talk with Mr. Giuliani to preserve Mr. Trump’s attorney-client privilege, leaving him with limited knowledge about their efforts regarding Ukraine. Mr. Mulvaney has told associates he learned of the substance of Mr. Trump’s July 25 call weeks after the fact.

Yet testimony before the House suggests a different picture. Fiona Hill, a top deputy to Mr. Bolton at the time, told the impeachment inquiry about a July 10 White House meeting at which Mr. Sondland said Mr. Mulvaney had guaranteed that Mr. Zelensky would be invited to the White House if the Ukrainians agreed to the investigations — an arrangement that Mr. Bolton described as a “drug deal,” according to Ms. Hill.

Along with Mr. Bolton and others, Mr. Mulvaney and Mr. Blair have declined to cooperate with impeachment investigators and provide information to Congress under oath, an intensifying point of friction between the two parties as the Senate prepares for Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial.

Jebus Cripes. If Obama had tried to pull a stunt like this Republicans would be screaming for his head on a platter. The GOP is sick to its core, and the ballot box is the only cure.

Lol! The Washington Examiner is on par with the National Enquirer as far as reliability, but this one is even more questionable:

In case you missed this story about the Epoch Times:

On Friday, Facebook and Twitter shut down a network of fake accounts that pushed pro-Trump messages all while “masquerading” as Americans with AI-generated faces as profile photos.

In a blog post, Facebook said that it connected the accounts to a US-based media company called The BL that, it claims, has ties to Epoch Media Group. In August, NBC News first reported that Epoch Media Group was pushing messages in support of President Donald Trump across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Epoch has extensive connections to Falun Gong, an eccentric Chinese spiritual community that has faced significant persecution from the country’s central government.

And this guy wants to be District Attorney? Y'all in Moore & Hoke Counties need to bust ass and make sure he doesn't win, or face some conspiracy-laced prosecutions.

On that terrifying note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)