Tuesday Twitter roundup

This needs to be shoved into the faces of Trump supporters on a regular basis:

And Thom Tillis owns it, too.

As much as we need these fact-checking efforts, I have not found them to be particularly helpful. Not on the state-level, anyway. The varying degrees of "partly true" or "partly false" tend to draw attention away from the actual motivations of the person being questioned, the intent behind the false claims. To be clear, when someone grabs an irrelevant statistic to back up their false narrative, the entire premise is still "false." And when fact-checkers go outside the actual quote to translate what the individual really meant to say, it gets even messier. That's what public relations and press secretaries do, not "neutral" observers.

All that being said, it is still a good medium to expose valid information, so I'm going to render a "partly helpful" judgment on NC fact-checkers. ;)

Thanks for listening for us. I couldn't do it, the thought of both of those bigoted jerks having a conversation (broadcasted, no less) Makes Evil Steve want to break something.

Association Health Plans are boondoggles that end up costing members dearly, and no amount of "Free Market" cheerleading will change that.

When your backroom deal gets exposed and you are forced to actually sell your product...

In case you don't know, FIRE is the organization that complains when White Supremacists are blocked from spewing their hateful rhetoric on campus. A green light from them is a red light for parents and potential students.

And this Tweet pretty much proves that journalistic ethics do not necessarily follow the journalist from job to job.

And now you know where Geremy the Germ came from:

I *still* think it's funny, but I am easily entertained...

Somebody's already missing her gerrymandered map...

Yeah, right. He'd be lucky to pull 3.4% of black voters.

If he does it's partly your fault, John. You've been flogging tax cuts for as long as I can remember, and NCGA Republicans have been listening. Every year since they took over they've cut something, whether it's income taxes or corporate taxes. Or both. It wasn't "magic" that made that money disappear, and it won't be magic to get it back. It will be responsible governing.

Trump's misuse of capital letters is not just bad grammar, it's a sign of mental illness. These are things on which he places importance, so in his mind they become proper nouns, equivalent to human beings. And in the case of the border wall, even more important than human beings, exhibited in his "take the land" decree. The wall has become his white whale, and he will sink this country to obtain it.

On that concerning note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)