Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's always something with these guys;

Just like Trump, make the deal and then refuse to pay your bills until some court makes you do it.

Lol! Yeah, I'm sure Photo-Op Dan has posed with at least a couple of LGBTQ folks, without knowing it. Friends? I don't think so.

Now I want to know!

Unfortunately, that other 30% could destroy our country as we know it.

Oh, you'll be seeing a lot of him in Greensboro, but it won't do any good. Walker is toast...

The problem is, when trust is abused time after time, it all but disappears. Human beings learn from their experience, and experience has taught us that GOP leaders in the General Assembly (and Congress) will lie, cheat, misinform, and otherwise take advantage of their opponents whenever they can.

In that environment, trust becomes virtually impossible, for either side. Before trust can be restored, the absence of deceit must persist for an extended period of time.

It is not required that a Representative live in the District he or she was elected to. That being said, Dan would be well-advised to avoid a contest with Alma. The political graveyard is full of them...

And dipshit Mark Johnson is setting his sights on the Lt. Governor seat. He might actually do less damage there...

They should start by booting Fetzer's ass off the BOG, and then...

Methinks you should talk to SEANC about that. They chose to throw their support behind people determined to choke off government employees, hoping for a seat at the table. But they got table scraps instead.

Kathy ran a strong race against Ted Budd, pulling 45% in a pretty red district. She should run again.

That first sentence is a lie, so I imagine the rest will be a seemingly polite effort to justify the attitude you claim not to have. Of course Conservatives hate government (administrative), because it enforces statutes and regulations designed to benefit the majority of citizens, not a wealthy minority of such. But that's something they'll never admit openly, so we get these little "explainers" from John Hood.

On that tiresome note, here's your Onion:

Honestly, I did too...