Tuesday Twitter roundup

I'm proud I voted for him:

His actions since taking office have reflected a mindset of righting wrongs, and protecting the physical and economic health of North Carolinians. And we need him to continue doing that after 2020.

I'll save you the trouble, it's Durham. A city dominated by Democrats for decades, the first to violently tear down a Confederate monument, public transportation all over the place, and numerous other right-wing fear triggers. Thanks for the heads-up, Pete.

I already did. Here's what I sent:

Be especially careful when apportioning in Metro areas. The NC A&T campus is a prime example; cracking that in half also cracked their representative influence in half, but the same goes for neighborhood communities. Even if there isn't a formal homeowners association, there is still (almost always) an informal association of neighbors, and they should all share the same Congressional Representative. If they don't, some neighbors will receive a better response from their rep than others, and some will have to travel farther to visit a regional office to get help. That is not representative democracy, it's an unnecessary mess that stifles their voices.

Many of the comments are generalized complaints about gerrymandering and/or the lawmakers who engage in it. That's fine, if you need to get something off your chest I support that. But there is also a need for making a reasoned argument, which I always try to do when making phone calls or submitting comments to elected officials.

Ah, I wish I could vote for Scott Cooper...

Sorry! Gotta pay for those tax cuts! Because Freedom!

Heading straight for the 75% off clearance table...

See, this is why I literally hate these guys. Greta makes more of a contribution to humanity every minute than this jerk will in a lifetime.

If Wrong Dan has the time to crank open his pie hole on talk radio, he's got time to show up in Congress more often.

Republicans not only don't care, they probably consider it some kind of sick victory. Uggh...

Here we go again. Here's a little piece of advice: If you find yourself sounding like Donald Trump, you may have taken a wrong turn somewhere...

Chosen by god, huh? I sure as hell hope not, because we'll be in a lot more trouble than having a crooked President...

Honestly, a part of me kinda wishes they could pull this off, just to see some of the crazy stuff they would bring up.

Filing begins for these races in less than a month. If this election gets delayed, the responsibility will lie solely on the shoulders of the GOP, who can't be trusted to manage a football pool, much less the apportionment of voters.

Good lord. Trump Christmas wrapping paper. I'm not saying I believe in Krampus, but if he was ever going to show up and grab your children, this is it...

On that dumbfounding note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, I've never really understood this custom. I'm sorely tempted to change my will from cremation to having a little mechanism installed that would periodically raise one of my hands up a few inches, and make it shake a little before coming back to rest. Hmmmm...



Munster is appropriate

I can't tell if it's pure incompetence or just careless neglect, but NC public education is reaching the breaking point. Instead of getting out of the way and letting teachers do their jobs, Johnson's tenure has been an object lesson in dysfunction. So let's promote him to Lt Gov? Oooof.