Tuesday Twitter roundup

Today is the big day for some municipalities:

If you haven't already voted, make sure you do so today. If you live in a municipality that is having its election in November (like me), early voting is just around the corner.

Go ahead, keep reminding voters you played a role in railroading a sexual predator onto the country's highest court. Saves us the trouble and the cost.

Going to listen to that later, but I'm hugely relieved the Cooper administration is taking this stance.

The walls are closing in on Herr Drumf...

Ellmers is a huge box of broken toys (including an AK-47), that NC would do well to sit out on the curb for removal.

Photo Op Dan is at it again. Maybe we'll get lucky and Trump will hire him as the Secretary of Photography (or something). He already seems to be turning orange...

Oh, this I've gotta see:

“There’s a soft kill of humanity, and there’s a soft coup of Trump right now. Both of these are going to go to the hot phase. Both of these are going to go to hard kill and hard coup. This is what’s crucial to understand. They’re happening in parallel. They are the exact same globalists—they are, and they are linked. If they destroy Trump, they also succeed in destroying humanity because Trump represents the last hope for humanity to have a free nation on this planet,” Adams said.

Jones burst in, saying, “And that’s what’s so crazy is he really is for real and then people aren’t going, ‘This is wonderful!’ They’re like, ‘No! We don’t want it!’”

“Well, right. And humanity is going to be overrun here. Humanity is going to be absolutely destroyed if we don’t turn this around and wake people up enough,” Adams said. He insisted “there should be a million people swarming Washington, D.C., peacefully and lawfully right now” to put pressure on the nation’s leaders, presumably to stop the apocalyptic plan Adams believes is taking place. Jones agreed, urging what viewers he still has to track down their elected officials and “get in their face” and intimidate them.

Okay, this is no longer just an academic "going against the grain" of most of his colleagues, this is off-the-charts delusional bullshit. Dude isn't competent to teach middle-school social studies, much less UNC System...anything, frankly. Somebody needs to check his basement, because that's some Doomsday Prepper nonsense right there...

Thank you. If O'Neill lied as much as a DA as he has as a candidate, dog knows how many innocent people are behind bars.

This stinks to high heaven. The only reason Berger would pull a stunt like this is to set the stage for another sneaky Veto override vote. Stay frosty, Senate Dems...

We don't have enough time for me to answer that question fully, but maybe another question might be a good way to start: How often have Republicans acted responsibly, and without greed or malice? Not very often, so expecting them to do so now is probably a mistake.

What an asinine comment. Voter turnout is probably going to be well below 20% already, and you want it even smaller by throwing obstacles in their path.

On that sour note of privilege, here's your Onion:

This happens to me All. The. Time.



Bonus Onion: