Tuesday Twitter roundup

We need this now more than ever:

We likely wouldn't be facing such a crisis if Republicans hadn't fought tooth & nail to destroy Obamacare, but destroying things is really all they know.

Fox News is finally finding its integrity, at least some of the talking heads, anyway. Shep Smith and Mike Wallace are leading the way, and hopefully more will join them.

I've got two words for ya: Special Master.

Tee hee... :)

That's funny, but this is not:

That rebellion would last about three weeks, and purify the gene pool very nicely. I wouldn't have said that a few years ago, but these nutters are out of control.

And yet, you still refuse to pass a bill that would allow women in NC to withdraw consent for sexual intercourse. The only state in the union where they can't. Get back to work.

Good question. When I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, we lived off base, because the waiting list for base housing was a mile long. But if we had lived there, and my three young children got sick because of their environment, I would have been locked up for assaulting whoever was responsible. This needs to be fixed, like yesterday..

It most assuredly does violate Congressional ethics rules, but they'll probably just let him "amend" his filings. Film at eleven.

He's almost as much of a photo-op junkie as Dan Forest, and that's saying something.

Talk about living in an alternate reality...

Good luck to all the Democrats running. Primaries in non-partisan races could be feast or famine, as you may end up with only one party running in the general. I have my first (of several) formal candidate forums this evening, and it's unfortunately not a "neutral" venue. The people organizing this forum have already endorsed two of my opponents, and that will possibly affect how the forum is managed. I hope not, because I would be forced (by myself) to point out such bias, thus earning their wrath. But if telling the truth gets you in trouble with some people, I'm not sure having them on your side is worth it in the first place.

On that concerning note, here's your Onion:

That one caught me by surprise, in one of those trying-not-to-giggle-in-class ways...