Tuesday Twitter roundup

If not now, when?

They shouldn't have to do this, but Republican leaders have neither the desire nor the courage to protect our citizens.

Take your vote to (try to) override his Veto, or STFU. These disingenuous attacks are beyond tiresome, because the ball has been in their court for several weeks.

Yeah, he's a real winner, alright. He will ride whatever controversial, hateful horse he can clamber onto, whether it's attacking women, LGBTQ folks, brown-skinned people, etc. And NC has more than enough hateful voters to put his useless butt in our highest office.

And of course it won't make any difference to his loyal followers. Might actually cause more shootings, so I'm not sure we should be publicizing it.

Let's just say I hate President Trump's America, and leave it at that.

Dude just arrived here from Indianapolis five minutes ago. Not saying Asheville doesn't have a gang problem, but I am saying there's no way he could know that yet. He might have some unfinished (psychological) business to deal with...

Here we go again, cue the calls for another tax cut by Republicans. Go ahead, I've got one word for ya': Veto.

The very definition of "sell out." Both of these jackasses need to go.

Just keep doing your little tours, and keep your grubbies off wind energy.

What does that mean? When a bill is sent to a committee, doesn't it require a vote by said committee to release it? Or does that make too much sense?

An "epidemic" that produced zero casualties, while the bodies pile up from white shooters. Go back under the bridge, you logic-deprived troll.

That's a hard question to answer. It may seem low, but when you consider how intransigent most politically-active people are these days, it begins to look a little high. Possibly a better question to ask: Did the people who changed their minds follow links embedded in the social media to more in-depth information about those subjects? If so, that's a really good sign. Social media should serve as a gateway for those who want more than just a blurb.

Oh, let's see, maybe it's because Republicans tried (for two years) to rejigger that board to give themselves control, literally paralyzing it in the process? Just spitballing here...

This is now their new (shallow) argument, to give Trump deniability in this tragedy. The problem is, the guy is only 21. He was 18 or 19 when Trump was elected, so for his entire adult life he's had Trump harping about a Wall. It's not a coincidence that much of his manifesto can be directly linked to Trump Tweets or rally speeches, and his denial of Trump influence is a classic narcissistic move: Trying to keep the focus on himself. Don't fall for it.

On that unsettling note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)