Tuesday Twitter roundup

When a man's true character emerges, pay attention:

Somebody needs to ask Craig Horn why it took the Legislature two months to respond to the hurricane in the first place. Of course they were too busy doing other (partisan) crap, but they'll never admit that.

Apparently you're under the impression that a trade agreement (even one he gladly signs and brags about) will stop Trump from having one of his countless meltdowns and decides to rip it up and stomp on the scraps. It won't.

But Obama! Just kidding. But seriously, they're fricking idiots...

Yep. Was just listening to NPR earlier today about the Electoral College, and NC was one of four states that saw 75% (I think) of all candidates' visits. Lucky us...

You're young enough to see it in your lifetime, but I'm not sure I am.

I really need one (or more) of my progressive friends to tell me which way is the right way on this. I'm lost.

Insiders don't choose Primary winners, the voters do. That being said, I'm sure Tillis is a little concerned.

I just had a mental picture that I need to block, stat. Yeesh.

Lol! Charlie Kirk has over a million followers, probably all as dumb as you are. If you expect him to even acknowledge this Tweet, you're more delusional than you appear. And you appear very delusional.

There really is no reason *any* child should go hungry in this country, much less 20% of them.

One of the biggest differences between now and then is the integrity of Congressional Republicans. Many were hoping for a miracle that would keep Nixon in office, but others were more interested in the truth than propping Nixon up, which is why he resigned. Republicans of today wouldn't recognize truth if it slapped them in the face.

On that sad note, here's your Onion:

The man is unstoppable...