Tuesday Twitter roundup

The question all North Carolinians should be pondering:

Never forget the GOP motto: If it ain't broke, break it; and if it's a good policy that will help those on the lower end of the income spectrum, rip it up and throw it in the trash.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't make heads or tails of this Tweet. If your radio show is equally ambiguous and disjointed, you're probably going to be sued by people who cock their head at such an angle vertebrae get damaged...

Gotcha. Bi-partisan, aisle-crossing, country over the (Democratic) Party. Dude, I am genuinely trying to support your campaign, but you're making it very damn hard.

Buddy Bengel? I just lost five minutes of my life trying to figure out who (TF) Buddy Bengel is, and I'll never get that five minutes back...

If by "slowly" you mean "might catch up by 2057," then yes.

Which also happens to be the anti-abortion crowd's "lobby day," of course. Stand strong, and back up the Governor.

If I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, their opposition no longer matters. Cue another Special Session clusterfuzzle...

Actually, Blackbeard stole that ship from the French, so we should probably see what they want done with it...

How dare you. It's okay for me to criticize him (because duh), but no comments from the right-wing peanut gallery.

Welp, he's lost for good. No reason to drag this thing out, we should put a new Lt. Gov. in place asap.

Delirious, as usual. Probably slammed one too many doors, and that mostly-hollow head got in the way.

Translated: "He took away our slaves and made us actually work the land ourselves." Some of these right-wing Twits at least try to have a coherent message, but others have completely lost their minds.

Idiot probably thinks parking there will charge up his battery...

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

Buck up, little camper. You're still in the top five worst conflicts of interest in Congress.