Tuesday Twitter roundup

What Dan said:

Even better headline: "Andrew Dunn at Longleaf Politics has shed whatever cloak he was wearing on neutrality, and has gone full-on right-wing nutter."

You're not wrong, Jamie. The way the Federal government allowed Reconstruction to morph into a late-stage slavery era is a big reason why these jackasses can't let go. They've been allowed to discriminate for so long they don't know how to *not* do it.

Ah, apparently you were under the impression the NC GOP actually had standards, or anything resembling organizational integrity. Sorry.

By "Americans" you mean extremely wealthy individuals who can afford to throw $150,000 here and $225,000 there to get people elected that will cut their taxes saving them millions. Make no mistake, any defense of Citizens United is simply a tacit approval of corruption, no matter how many times you say "Americans."

Yep, pretty much. When the DOJ was trying to stop Terry Johnson from racially profiling Latinx here in my county, they were "overreaching." But ICE militarily invading cities in defiance of progressive Sheriffs is just fine. The common denominator is bigotry, in case you missed it.

Probably a perfect time to hit the trails. Not green enough yet for my likins', but that also means very few bugs...

Yeah, but also, no. Trump doesn't have the mental capacity to come to any sort of "realization" about his mistakes. He will just blame it on something else (that has nothing to do with it), and then develop an equally idiotic plan to fix that imaginary thing.

That's...weird, to say the least. And more than a little unsettling, considering this guy might end up winning:

Dog help us...

People who suffer from delusions and conspiracy theories need clinical help, not more Twitter time...

Seems like a well-rounded group of...what the hell is he wearing? If it wasn't for the belt loops, I'd swear it was a burlap sack. I'm not saying you have to wear a suit, but come on...

You'll have to wait for an answer. Rip van Holding is still napping, resting up for his 3-week campaign "surge" scheduled for next Fall.

Does not surprise me a bit. Ever since the GOP lost the House, Mark Meadows has been trying to out-asshole himself whenever he can.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

Looks fun...