Tuesday Twitter roundup

Wanton abuse of power:

It's not like this was a "secret" feud, we've known about it for some time now. And yet, Republicans on the Board have kept him in that (unearned and clearly ill-advised) position of power in spite of that massive conflict of interest. And of course Republicans in the General Assembly have stood by and watched while their experiment in partisan manipulation has blown up the laboratory. Big, stinking mess.

As usual, JW hits the idiot nail on the head:

What She Said
"To anyone paying attention, it’s become very clear in the first few months of liberal control of the House that the Democrat party has lurched far, far to the left."

What She Meant
Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I dress up as a witch and try to scare the little children. It usually works.

What She Said
"Our nation is founded on the concepts of individual liberty and personal responsibility. That’s why I am committed to working to halt the left’s headlong slide into what increasingly looks like socialism. We cannot afford the out of touch policies peddled by the far-left that will squelch the entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and hard-working ethos that has made the United States the greatest nation in the world."

What She Meant
I know lots of words. I know the best words. Some good word combos require hyphens. I can also blow out all the candles on my birthday cake with one breath.

What She Said
"North Carolina voters are looking for solutions from their government that actually work. They want economic growth, good jobs and strong national security—not partisan investigations or the kind of socialist rhetoric and class warfare being floated by the newly ascendant 'Democratic Socialist' wing of the Democrat party."

What She Meant
Have you seen all the photos of me with Our Wonderful President? I have enlargements suitable for framing. Do you want one? Don't call me. Call my office.

Tee hee. :) I could almost skip the Onion entries for the day, but you can't have too much funny...

Translated: "Since we've turned North Carolina into a third-world nation, it doesn't cost as much for teachers to live here."

Ehhhh. There's nothing quite like Joel Fucking Ford to give me one of those acute headaches that feel like a pending aneurysm...

This seems to be a trend among right-wing female Twits: Going after women teachers who have had sex with one of their male students. And it doesn't matter where they are geographically, it's evidence that NC teachers are bad. Or something. Also, when you use a flag or a bald eagle (or both) to puff up your Murcanism, you just might be a shallow intermittent stream of idiocy. That's my theory, anyway.

Ah, here we go. Soon to be referenced as "evidence" their big-government overreach is supported by the people.

Dear god in heaven. Did he just say that? After taking so much money from these folks?

Top Industries, 2017 - 2018
Industry Total Individuals PACs
Securities & Investment $497,256 $298,050 $199,206
Insurance $350,400 $67,200 $283,200
Commercial Banks $305,250 $125,750 $179,500
Real Estate $211,850 $118,150 $93,700

Typical NC GOP posturing, claiming to prevent the very thing they are doing...

Medicaid may not be perfect, but it's far from broken. But setting that hyperbole aside for a moment, what are your better ways? You got nothin', Pete. Just say so, instead of criticizing something you obviously don't understand.

It's only dead if Republicans continue to twist the rules to suit their agenda.

Uh, no he doesn't, and no there isn't. How often does he speak at events that are not sponsored by Civitas/JLF? I can wait...

That's his claim to fame? That he rescued our copy of the Bill of Rights? Be nice if he was concerned about the actual words on it...

I really hate to see this, but that is a whole lot of money.

Another thing I hate to see: A former (very capable) journalist using misleading propaganda that not only benefits his employer, but also belittles the suffering of numerous families. It doesn't get much lower than that, pal.

I had no idea what this idiot was talking about, so I had to Google it. Apparently, over two years ago, fashion designer Tom Ford (and others) refused to help Melania with her wardrobe, which is probably why she's been stalking around wearing drapes. Why this controversy has resurfaced now I don't know, other than the fact that Trump followers struggle with the concept of time...

On that silly note, here's your Onion:

After I stop laughing I'll try to figure out why I'm laughing...