Tuesday Twitter roundup

A product of incompetence or intentional delay?

The Magic 8-Ball sez, "What? They still haven't passed the Budget?"

I think calling it a "land deal" is overly polite and fairly inaccurate. Sounds more like fraud to me:

The Observer examined nine large deals that took place between 2002 and 2006. In those deals, the Pittenger company bought land and immediately sold it to investors at a markup, according to county real estate records.

In another example, Pittenger’s company assembled a group of investors in 2002 to buy land in Union County, near the intersection of N.C. 218 and Mill Grove Road.

The Robert Pittenger Company bought 304 acres from the landowners on April 1, 2002, for about $1.9 million in two transactions, and then sold it on the same day to two LLCs for a total of about $3.2 million, according to Union County property records.

Three investors in that deal told the Observer they were unaware of the earlier transaction. A letter to investors promoting the $3.2 million deal said they were buying the land at a “very low” basis.

What is that? Double-dipping? Pittenger made $1.3 million off the top by misleading his investors, and then had his own 30 acre tract to hold onto as an investment. The funny thing is, if he hadn't put in place that 10% "commission" or whatever you want to call it, his investors would have probably wondered what was in it for Pittenger. Very clever. And unethical as hell.

And where does this braniac stand on helping those children with health care and food and such after they're born? You guessed it, we should leave that up to the churches to take care of, not the government. Teh ignorance burns, it does.

Big surprise, a NC GOP campaign talking point that just happens to be "revealed" by Civitas. In other surprising news, "Rain is wet!"

Ugh, I need to take another shower after reading this Tweet...

What an effing idiot. Aim Higher is *not* a product of Progress NC, and neither of them were created by or are even marginally associated with Blueprint NC. Somebody needs to go outside and get some fresh air, before those last three brain cells die of oxygen starvation.

Yeah, I mean, no. That streetcar bullshit only got you 32% of the vote last time, so unless the streetcar jumps its tracks and goes on a killing spree of elderly ladies and seeing-eye dogs, you need to find a new pointless argument to make.

Well, smack my head and call me dizzy, the Family Policy Council has (finally) complained about an actual threat to families. Will wonders never cease.

Your mistake, Holly, is assuming Republicans give a crap about whether a state government struggles or not. They don't, and I have a feeling that's one of the things they hope for with TABOR here in NC.

That's just fantastic. On the plus side, they can all still fit into a small car.

It takes a whole lotta chutzpah for a Koch-funded group to accuse anybody of corruption, much less an energy sector that is as dispersed and diverse as renewables. Theatre of the absurd.

I sure hope that gif survives my cut-and-pasting, because Cadddyshack rocks. All of it.

Um, that might be how they do it in Texas, or Canada, or wherever the heck you're from. But around here, we get out of the car and walk around when we shake hands. Just rolling down the window does not a Southern greeting make. At least undo your seatbelt, so it at least looks like you want to get out and mill around, but your people won't let you. I should be a campaign consultant...

"Hey! Remember me? I'm the little kid you shook hands with...When you came by...In the car...Mom, why do we have to sit way back here? I thought we were an important part of the team?"

On that sad note, here's your Onion:

First of all, The People's Republic of Bulgaria of 1955 would be the least likely inventor of time travel. But even if said bureaucrat did find himself in NC in 2015, the first thing he would say is, "What is this co-pay of which you speak, or these 'out of pocket' expenses? You make your citizens pay for medical treatment?" Because they had universal healthcare, you see.

You're right, that wasn't an Onion, but it was just as silly. Here's a real one: