Tuesday Twitter roundup

The bill that refused to be killed:

It's a city, you nitwit. A city in which each voter can (currently) cast a vote for a majority of council seats. The only prosperity that would result from taking away most of those votes and gerrymandering the rest would go into the pockets of those play golf in the middle of the week, not to those who play "do I get to eat today." I realize those are the only people you care about, which is probably one big reason why there are only 19% registered Republicans in Greensboro.

Let me save you the trouble:

Oops! Looks like you caught the wrong page.

Along with a picture of Huckabee fishing...

A collection of things about which I don't care...

That sounds like something stupid enough to impress Tim Peck...

Yeah, no shit. I can't believe we're even discussing it. Just from a "business" standpoint alone, a uniform system of driver's education saves taxpayers millions in emergency services and law enforcement man hours. It takes a special kind of idiot to think "we no longer need this."

McCrory probably doesn't even consider this a "luxury" anymore, it's just a normal day at the office...

Listening to the radio (2 guys named Chris) this morning they were taking callers about SC taking down the Confederate flag, and a few apologists brought up how it mostly symbolized "states rights." What they don't understand, because they haven't taken the extra ten seconds to contemplate the issue: There is no better symbol *against* states' rights than the rebel flag. If it weren't for the massive amount of wealth generated from the forced labor of fellow human beings, the Southern states could never have challenged the United States government. Not only did they challenge it, they came damn close to overthrowing it, and hundreds of thousands perished in the process. It's a cautionary tale of what can happen when human and civil rights laws are determined on a state-by-state basis, and our (NC) Legislature is providing new and frightening examples nearly every day.

What is this magic tool? Simply taking whichever Senate or House funding proposal is the cheapest, regardless of any other details. The only "tool" present is the person who thought this up.


The latest letter was sent to lawmakers June 17 and was signed by Greensboro-based clothing manufacturer VF Corp.; Mars Inc., which operates a manufacturing facility in Henderson; New Belgium Brewing, which has broken ground on a $175 million brewery in west Asheville; and Seventh Generation, a green cleaning products company whose investment arm is headquartered in Raleigh.

“The 2007 REPS law has given companies like ours the business case to build and operate in North Carolina – as it provided us the certainty and predictability we need for our business,” the letter says. “Freezing or modifying the REPS will stifle the growth of North Carolina's clean energy sector and be a step in the wrong direction.”

Wrong direction is right. The renewable energy sector is one of the only areas that has grown and excelled. You don't fix an economy by targeting the successful parts first.

They're not all idiots, some of them are merely slow.

This is fairly informative, and worth a watch. Just under nine minutes, although it seemed a lot longer...

For those of you still awake, here's your Onion:

Yeah, they're gonna be doing some work on it soon. A deck, I think, and there's talk about an above-ground pool, but that may have to wait until the next Legislative session.