Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP's great tax shift continues:

This is what happens when you realize your previous "bad idea" won't go unnoticed, so you switch to another "really bad idea" and hope that one won't hurt you come election time.

The really sad and infuriating thing is, there are so many ways to improve the treatment of animals that won't cost factory farmers a dime, but they (and their lobbyist buddies) won't do anything along these lines for fear it will encourage regulations that will cost them money. Once you let compassion in, there's no telling where it will lead. Which is why there needs to be a consumer revolution; hitting their pocketbooks is the only way to shake them out of that mindset.

I'm sure the Teabaggers will find a way to blame this on Democrats. You can't fix stupid...

In his usual misleading fashion, Hyde implies that ABC stores are a burden on taxpayers. But here's the reality:

Local ABC boards in North Carolina are established and operated with no state funds. However, through the sale of spirituous liquor in ABC stores, approximately $869 million in revenue is generated annually. Distributions benefit the state's General Fund and the cities and counties where alcohol sales are allowed. Total revenue distributions during fiscal year 2014 amounted to $329,657,228.

Get that? The ABC system not only pays for itself, it contributes a third of a billion dollars to public coffers. The *only* reasons Republicans want to "reform" this is to put profits into the pockets of their friends while also taking money away from state and local governments. Period.

Yeah, that's not the "grassroots," that's a subversive paramilitary group with delusions of grandeur. If that's the kind of leadership you hope to bring to the state GOP AJ, I'm glad the "establishment" folks are trying to block your efforts to run the Party.

Steep: Daniel Boone Scout Trail ascends about 2,000 feet over three miles to Calloway Peak, alt. 5,964 feet, the highest...

Posted by Guide to Outside NC on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Um...That's kind of...Look, I really like hiking trails, and the more uneven the terrain the more I enjoy the journey. But damn. A rickety wooden ladder with only an occasional piece of scrub to hold onto, and a bunch of really hard-looking rocks waiting for you and gravity to have a disagreement. Okay, I would probably still climb it, but I've never been very smart, so...

Yes, they do. But those are two provisions that Republicans particularly wanted to get rid of in the first place, and I doubt if the GOP leadership will allow them anywhere near the floor for a vote. I really don't mean to be cynical about efforts like this, but reality is an important factor, and so is energy. As in, energy expended in efforts to get a bill passed that Republicans know will hurt them at the polls is pretty much wasted energy. Unless the media picks up on it, of course. But with over a thousand bills competing for the ten days left before Crossover, the media is not likely to focus on one that is doomed to die of old age in Committee.

Cause & effect:

Oh, yeah. These guys are not known for their subtlety. I imagine the Chief Justice is getting bombarded with hints and barely-veiled threats and all kinds of friendly advice about now. But he's no Paul Newby, he's a real jurist, and I doubt he'll be paying attention to the peanut gallery.

After posting so many race-related conspiracy theories and other extreme right-wing talking points, do you honestly think anybody will take you seriously on this issue? Why would they? You've staked out your own little crazy niche, and you're going to have to live with that.

This is some pretty crazy stuff, right here:

The United States Department of Transportation conducted a criminal investigation into the creation and shipment of the defective bridge bearings. It was discovered that the North Carolina application to supply the bridge bearings to local contractors had been forged. The name of a teenager with no knowledge of how to manufacture bridge bearings was fraudulently used on the application. This teenager was also held out by Delgado Elastomeric Bearings Corporation as the vice president of the company, when in fact, the teenager had no idea of this title. This same name and title had also been used on all certificates sent to North Carolina highway contractors certifying the conformity of the bearings with applicable state and federal regulations.

Ultimately, the investigation revealed that the defendant, JOEL DE LA TORRE, had forged the name of the teenager on the documents described above. Inspection of the Chicago facility used to manufacture the bridge bearings revealed that the facility did not contain the required testing devices and machinery which would have revealed the defects in the bridge bearings.

Costs associated with the replacement of the bearings are expected to exceed $5 Million due to the difficulty in removing the bearings from beneath existing structures, engineering costs, and traffic control.

How much you want to bet there's somebody here in North Carolina that was aware of this situation? There goes my afternoon...

:) Sam is a funny guy.

"Whistling past the graveyard.":

“Since 2011, every court that has issued an opinion and the Obama Justice Department has reached the same conclusion – North Carolina’s redistricting maps are constitutional. Today’s procedural ruling is not unexpected and we are confident that our state Supreme Court will once again arrive at the same result and the U.S. Supreme Court will affirm its decision.”

Yeah, give that a try, and see what happens.

Let's see what real Libertarians think of the Libyan situation:

"Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi is no friend of liberty, but the military involvement of the United States in the rebellion against him threatens to undermine the credibility of the resistance to his rule and turn him into a hero. As news of both actual and rumored killings of innocent civilians by American bombs spreads throughout the Arab world, the hatred which spawned the 9/11 murderers will continue to grow. Finally, what if Gadaffi still manages to defeat the rebels? Faced with the choice of losing face or upping the ante with an escalation of military involvement, this could turn into yet another disastrous campaign. And as Steve Chapman put it in an article in Reason magazine, 'Most of the people endorsing an attack know less about Libya than they do about playing the oboe.' When will we ever learn?"

Rand Paul is not an ideologue like his father, he's just another flim-flam man who will say anything to get what he wants.

It's about fricking time. And by the way, if you think the Koch Brothers care one whit about your "liberty," you may want to have your home checked for Co2 or Radon levels, because something is seriously affecting your brain function.

Speaking of getting your vitals checked:

Just an observation, from somebody who has shepherded his mother through countless medical situations for the last couple of years: Doctors might be brilliant, but nurses and PAs are the true angels of our healthcare system. Their care and compassion make a bad situation bearable, but more often than not we treat them like housemaids and then worship the doctor when he shows up for a few minutes and then runs off. Frankly, that kind of behavior is something you would expect from a small child, not an adult, but that doesn't stop the nurse from taking care of you. Remember that, the next time you find yourself in need of help.

On that self-righteous note, here's your Onion:

:) "Wits of a turkey."



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