Tuesday Twitter roundup

Why worry about substance when empty rhetoric is so readily available?

The Affordable Care Act already does those things, and does them so well people like you are forced to talk about some nebulous other program that will supposedly eclipse it. It's time to find a new monster to fear, because Americans have outgrown this scary bedtime story.

Yeah, that's just what our bent General Assembly needs, a dose of Santorum. I genuinely hope Time Warner Cable isn't planning on rolling out the red carpet for the GOP Clown Car. It's not like these idiots even understand their own states, much less North Carolina, and we have enough trouble already keeping up with our own idiots, thank you very much.

There is a direct correlation with parents' "tough time with injury claims" and parents' "paranoid delusions of government taking their guns and the coming collapse of financial institutions requiring Doomsday Prepper activities to get ready for the race wars and Agenda 21 black helicopters" and I could go on and on, but the one thing I wouldn't be able to include in that litany of foolishness is the real danger that anti-vaccers could help previously defeated pathogens reemerge and start devastating our children again. Because that's real science, you see.

White. Very white. The term "whiteout" comes to mind. Did I say white?

Apparently you weren't paying attention, because most of the people depicted in Norman Rockwell's paintings were dirt-poor, coming into town for their monthly haircuts and stocking up on fifty pounds of yeast and some copper line...Sorry, I stole that last part from Copperhead Road. And now the song is stuck in my head. Thanks Obama! ;(

Already in the process of doing that, for a whole 'nother reason entirely. But this makes me feel even better about that.

The big question is, "Will they pay attention?" And the answer is, "Do they ever?"

Hey, count me in. Like I mentioned in an e-mail to your caucus, the sheer size of each Senate District makes them a hell of a lot more competitive than House seats, simply because of the volume of potential voters. But there better be more to the plan than just asking for more money. There needs to be some lovin' spread all the way down to precinct level, and there needs to be a Dem candidate running for every single Senate seat.

Keep it up, idiots. When you associate with slime like this, that shit will not wash off when his inevitable crash happens. Civitas will crash right along with him.

Riiight. Because the vast majority of African-American voters have been (somehow) hoodwinked into believing the GOP couldn't give a shit about them, but a handful of "enlightened" black people know better. File that drivel back in the Fantasy section.

Some of you probably already know this, but: Conen Morgan is really smart. Like, break the curve into 27 pieces smart. And he has the added virtue of being exceptionally nice, so that when you ask a stupid question his answer makes you feel like it was a valid question and you're not really stupid. Stupid people like me appreciate that. :)

Okay, the whole idea is a little creepy, but this (imo) is not a sound argument against intelligence-gathering Barbie:

How many top executives and politicians’ children will be running around with this doll? What happens when a child tells the doll about issues going on in the house? Will that be a HIPAA violation or will the police be notified? Children don’t understand the legal implications of talking to a doll who saves everything they say.

The problem they are not addressing is that they will be recording the conversations of children. Children do not have a fully functioning filter to know what they should and should not be talking about to what is a stranger. They don’t know who will be listening to them or what is going to happen with those conversations.

Frankly, that "fully functioning filter" you describe is not something to brag about, and is at least potentially psychologically damaging to a developing child. Learning to bottle up emotions and/or perceived bad or embarrassing information is far from healthy, and should not be considered good child-rearing. Also, whatever is going on in that child's life should be safe for public consumption, and if Daddy or Uncle Mike are using the little girl as their own kind of plaything, somebody's ass needs to be kicked pronto.

Not saying Mattel's consumer R&D people should become part-time social workers, but there are millions of girls/women out there who could have benefited greatly from someone poking their nose into their domestic situation.


One of the act’s most effective tools was Section 5, which required certain states and localities with a documented history of racial discrimination in voting to submit any voting changes to the federal government for pre-approval. Forty counties in North Carolina faced this requirement. Section 5 prevented hundreds of discriminatory voting laws from taking effect and deterred countless others.

Forty counties. Even if 90% have grown "enlightened" enough to no longer need scrutiny to keep them fair, which is by no means a foregone conclusion, that still leaves four counties where shenanigans might disenfranchise local minority populations. And our (statewide) boards of elections system has already proven it's not far removed from being a political tool wielded by the ruling class, so there will be no rescue coming from that direction. The loss of Section 5 has left a gaping hole in our democracy protections, and people will soon start falling into it.

On that somber note, here's your Onion:

:) Very funny, but we need something sans-politics:




As some others have observed,

Tillis' major accomplishment so far is to make Richard Burr seem intelligent and objective in comparison.

Which will probably result in Burr skating through another election virtually unscathed.

It almost seems like an intentional formula...

Climate change irony:

I didn't have the heart to leave a comment about how showing a strip of road that looks like it could wash away at any moment might not be the best thing for attracting travelers...