Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Executive Branch is about to snap off:

And every time he steps in front of some reporters, they need to ask him about it.

Here are a couple of Tweets that clearly expose the hypocrisy of Art Pope's minions:

A litany of purely partisan political evaluations of events and stories from last year, including categorizing the heinous cuts to unemployment benefits for the jobless as "nice." And then there's this:

Better duck, Colonel DeLuca. The irony stick is swinging your way with a vengeance.

Yaah, don't expect Pete or any other Republican apologist to make more than an off-hand comment about this, which will probably involve some comparison to Dems:

These PACs host receptions and dangle invitations to all kinds of lobbyists. Special interests are sent a not-so-subtle hint: If you want the politician in question to even give you the time of day, you need to seriously consider dumping some cash in the campaign AND this PAC. (Still holding your nose? I hope so. Because the stink is STILL there.)

Did you honestly believe that cheerleading for Tillis would somehow translate to having a voice he would listen to, once he was elected? Come on. Money talks, and your bullshit walks. With a limp.

As well they should:

After efforts last year to strip cities and towns of zoning powers and tax revenue, mayors across North Carolina will be keeping a close eye on Jones Street this year.

The repeal of the privilege license tax on businesses will leave a hole in many municipal budgets, and Gov. Pat McCrory has promised to help find other revenue sources. One option is a special sales tax that would apply within city limits – a taxing power municipalities don’t currently have.

Um, yeah. I mean, no. That's not gonna happen. I doubt that legislation will ever get written but, if it does, it will never escape the committee black hole to get a reading on the floor.

Apparently we didn't throw enough money at them...

Definitely related:

He needs to go stand in the corner and have a time-out.

Funny but not-so-funny: AFP thinks that's an attractive picture of the pipeline. At least when people show you hideous pictures of scrunched-up blotchy newborn babies, you know they'll become cute as hell within a few weeks (or months). The KXL pipeline will be sitting like a turd on the carpet for decades.

Actually, gears have cogs, but wheels generally don't, because the mud would...okay, we'll get back to mixing metaphors at some other time:

Proceeds of the sale will go toward state mental health programs, McCrory said. The agreement must be approved by the Council of State – a group of 10 state elected officials who meet monthly – and Raleigh will have until the end of the year to arrange payment.

Just wanted to get that little tidbit on record in more than one place. That $52 million could get gobbled up pretty quickly just constructing new DHHS offices, but McCrory's use of the word "programs" should indicate the money will go where it's most needed, in actual treatment. But unless some board or commission is empaneled to oversee that particular chunk of money, how will we know?

Why is my Facebook newsfeed littered with pro-gun stuff? Is everybody seeing these, or just some of us? Is it because I haven't (yet) told Facebook I don't want to see it? Okay, so I told Facebook I didn't want to see any more posts from this particular group, and I get this question:

Why don't you want to see this photo?

Gettin' a little spooky there, Facebook.

Speaking of spooky:

You can try to understand them, but there really is no point in doing so:

That such ardent patriots are so passionately antigovernment might strike the observer as contradictory. After all, are these not the same men who served their country in Vietnam or in the Gulf War? Are these not the same men who believe so passionately in the American Dream? Are they not the backbone of the Reagan Revolution? Indeed, they are. The extreme Right faces the difficult cognitive task of maintaining their faith in America and in capitalism and simultaneously providing an analysis of an indifferent state, at best, or an actively interventionist one, at worst, and a way to embrace capitalism, despite a cynical corporate logic that leaves them, often literally, out in the cold—homeless, jobless, hopeless.

It is through a decidedly gendered and sexualized rhetoric of masculinity that this contradiction between loving America and hating its government, loving capitalism and hating its corporate iterations, is resolved. Racism, nativism, anti-Semitism, antifeminism—these discourses of hate provide an explanation for the feelings of entitlement thwarted, fixing the blame squarely on “others” whom the state must now serve at the expense of white men. The unifying theme is gender.

These men feel emasculated by big money and big government. In their eyes, most white American men collude in their emasculation. They’ve grown soft, feminized, weak. White supremacist websites abound with complaints about the “whimpering collapse of the blond male,” the “legions of sissies and weaklings, of flabby, limp-wristed, non-aggressive, non-physical, indecisive, slack-jawed, fearful males who, while still heterosexual in theory and practice, have not even a vestige of the old macho spirit.”

Of course, that macho man feels naked unless he has a finely-machined assault rifle hanging off his shoulder like a purse...

On that unsettling note, it's Onion time, baby:

Eh, it's funny, but just seeing his face makes me want to hurl. Here's another: