Tuesday Twitter roundup

2015 will be a lean year:

The GOP's "starvation diet" approach to providing government services.

Yeah, but they'll still hold their nose and vote for him if he wins the nomination. And if there's another crowd of nine+ GOP jackasses trying to out-fear each other, Jeb would have (unfortunately) a pretty good chance of smiling his way to the finish line.

Um, no. Burr has a teflon coat that would turn away even armor-piercing rounds. I've said it before (and I'll say it again), the best chance to unseat Burr is with a bonafide veteran. Like Grier Martin (hint, hint), or even Call Cunningham 2.0.

Yes, there was a slight increase over previous mid-terms. But that has no bearing on the voter suppression issue, which is a blatantly obvious set of moves designed to hold back certain segments of the voting populace.

It appears these two counties will be ground zero for both the coal ash and the fracking impacts. If they haven't already hit the national spotlight, they soon will.

More of the insane "Constitutional Convention" nonsense, this time featuring an astro-turfer previously employed by the Goldwater "Institute," who before that was a real estate lawyer in Chicago. Do you have to pay actual money to attend the Shaftesbury Society events? Because if so, that makes the attendees even more stupid than I already imagine them to be.

Gluttons for punishment...

Sure, Markeece. Taking credit for Tillis' win isn't one of the craziest things you've posted. That was a dig, not a compliment, by the way. And the fact I felt compelled to point that out is also a dig...

Okay, tell me again how these idiots are supposed to have swung the election? Exactly.

Okay, I don't usually make observations about somebody's physical attributes, but Krauthammer is so ugly the doctor left the delivery room, drove several hours in the rain, dug up Krauthammer's great-grandmother, and then slapped her skeleton a couple of times vigorously.

Oh, that's just fantastic. And since those non-profits don't have to reveal who their donors are, we'll have no idea who is glad-handing these elected officials.

"Too costly" is a huge understatement:

Coburn pointed to a study by the state Coastal Resources Commission, the policy-making body of the N.C. Division of Coastal Management, that estimated the cost of building a 1,500-foot terminal groin, similar to the one at Fort Macon, at $10,850,000, with total annual maintenance costs of about $2,250,000.

“Using a 3 percent discount rate and price appreciation rate of 5 percent, the estimated total cost of constructing and maintaining one terminal groin in North Carolina over 30 years is approximately $54,950,993,” Coburn wrote. “This amount is more than ten times greater than the potential long-term fiscal benefit of constructing a groin at Figure 8/Rich Inlet ($4,951,430) and about three times greater than the combined long-term benefit of constructing terminal groins at all fourteen (inlets).”

On that jaw-dropping note, it's Onion time: