Tuesday Twitter roundup

A victory that deserves savoring:

A victory that is also somewhat overshadowed by Coop's response:

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper will appeal the decision, his spokeswoman said in a statement. The appellate court’s decision conflicts with a decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, upholding a similar Texas law, the spokeswoman said.

I'm not seeing how two conflicting appellate court decisions would force Roy Cooper to defend the indefensible, just as I'm not seeing how the aspiring Gubernatorial candidate can hope to motivate that extra 10-15% of voters to turn out if he continues to defend regressive policies.

Just another faux account littering the ncpol hashtag. This one is likely authored by either SisterToldjah or BetsyRoss, and just saying that is worth several days of outraged Twitter stalking. Which is one reason I only do this thing once a week...

Not-so-informative Facebook spam:

The following comment describes this and nearly every other seemingly "interesting" Facebook list/survey/which "Lord Of The Rings character are you? posting:

All of these "click-bait" lists are B.S. yet I keep clicking on them.

I would also ask (beg) many of my friends to avoid sharing/reposting "wise sayings" in an attempt to let people know how you feel about something. Regardless of who it is being quoted, when you let somebody else speak for you, a little piece of your brain says, "Oh, okay. If you don't really need me, I'm just going to shut down."

Go ahead and author the legislation, Jeff. It doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of even seeing the floor of the NC Senate, much less passing. But we can't get there without it.

One might call him a "North Carolina Existentialist," or maybe just someone with vivid memories of his childhood. You may need to turn up the volume to begin with, but he projects better toward the end:

I really just wanted to see if that GIF would work after being blogged...

Yes, it is a lie, but there's no meme too low for the anti-abortion crowd.

Exactly the wrong usage for incentives, but don't expect the corporate GOP to take any steps to address this.

On a side note: Yes, SEANC. This is the kind of activity you should engage in, and not throwing tens of thousands into attacking Democrats.

Not bloody likely. Your uniquely un-American efforts to stifle the voices of certain members of our citizenry are just as disgusting now as they were before the Republican NC Supreme Court made the obvious decision. Go crawl back under the fucking rock you came from.

Speaking of going back under that rock:

Francis, once again your logic is flawed and your argument is shallow. You warn the BOG not to pay attention to certain groups because they didn't want Republicans filling out the Board (or the Legislature) in the first place, but if the Board of Governors follows your advice, it will prove those groups were correct in opposing a Republican takeover. Are you that dense, really? Or are you so entranced by gazing at your navel that you believe that's a sound argument worth taking into consideration? Here's another obvious point: If the BOG does take your letter as anything more than a laughable "Dear Santa" selfish appeal, they are proving they have no business governing the UNC System.

On that mind-numbing note, it's time for some genuine satire:

Eh, that's a little too close to the truth for my likings. Here's another:

Well, duh. You get a tracking number with FedEx. It doesn't mean you won't get lost, but at least you'll know which 3-state area you ended up in...