Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with some GOP hyperbole:

Don't expect a coherent answer anytime soon...

Good job, kiddo. Proud of you. :)

So the Voter Integrity Project is a non-partisan watchdog group, eh? Riiight. Dick Morris is (now) the quintessential Republican Party hack:

It's total bullshit, but this is even funnier:

This Dick Morris Lunch Alert! sponsored by Al Sears, MD.

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Yeah, I mean, no. I'm sure it would appeal to a conspiracy theorist like Jay DeLancey, but the rest of us, not so much.

Of course, all Republicans have to say about this is, "What about when Democrats did blah blah blah." IOKIYAR

What do I think? I think AFP is a blight on our entire state, and should be shamed all the way to the edge of Guilford County by its residents.

Yeah, and 100% of domestic accidents happen in or around the home. If they're so "faith-driven," why don't they just close their eyes and push random buttons when they enter the voting booth.

This is not about politics, it's about people. People who deserve the same freedoms as other people. It's as simple as that.

I was really just looking for that photo, but the Fox News laugh is a nice bonus. Thanks, Logan. ;)

I think we can expect more of these attacks on Sean Haugh in the weeks to come, since he's holding about 5% of the potential votes. It is more than a little ironic to see the Peck voicing this opinion, as he is several sandwiches shy of a picnic himself. That said, I do like the word "nutbar." It sings, and I may have to steal it in the future.

Not as big a surprise as it should have been:

The sudden closure of Concrete Roses STEM Academy leaves families for the school’s 126 students scrambling to find new schools, while taxpayers may have lost the $285,170 in funding sent to the school that went belly-up this week.

It appears education officials expressed some concerns about Concrete STEM Academy’s ability to budget when it was going through the application process. An evaluation rubric conducted by the state’s Charter School Advisory Committee raised questions about the viability of the school’s budget, including a $95,000 salary paid out to the school’s administrator, Cedric Stone, who was also listed as the school board’s chairman.

Apparently some Republicans' complaints about the Charter School Advisory Committee being "too critical" of new school applications were unfounded. Looks like they need to toughen up the standards, before we piss away more taxpayer dollars.

On that frustrating note, your Onion:

Ehh. That's a little too close to home. Here's another:

:) "We both want the same thing."



Facebook is pissing me off

It's bad enough that I now have to put up with advertisements for car insurance and adult diapers on my news feed, but to be exposed to right-wing propaganda, as well? Grrr. Evil Steve is getting restless...