Tuesday News: Secret Satan


TRUMP'S NC GOP CONVENTION SPEECHES WITHHELD FROM PUBLIC: Trump's speech will be closed to the media, and journalists won't be able to view it via livestream or alternate forms, said Livy Polen, a spokeswoman for the NC GOP. Trump has kept a relatively low public profile since leaving office. His last significant public speech was in February at the CPAC convention. He's still banned from Twitter and Facebook, and his public comments have largely come in the form of written statements and calling into right-leaning news outlets. The state party hopes Trump can help Republicans retake control of the U.S. House in the upcoming midterms. Whatley, a staunch Trump ally who also served as one of the former president's 13 North Carolina electors in 2020, wants Trump to play an active role in North Carolina politics. How "active" is that "role" if nobody can see or hear him?

ELLIOT WANTS TO SPLIT UP DUKE ENERGY INTO REGIONAL COMPANIES: Gov. Roy Cooper and state legislative leaders urged North Carolina regulators Monday to “strictly scrutinize” a proposal by a Florida-based hedge fund to split Charlotte-based Duke Energy into three separate companies. The Wall Street Journal reported that Elliott Management Corp. made the proposal in a letter to Duke’s board that Elliott released Monday. Elliott told Duke in the letter that it is one of the utility’s 10 largest shareholders, the Journal reported, and Duke says the firm has sought seats on Duke’s board. Duke would be split into three companies based on its geographic footprint: in the Carolinas, the Midwest and Florida, the Journal reported. The Utilities Commission, whose seven members are appointed by the governor with legislators’ approval, would have to approve such a corporate split, as would federal agencies and other states’ commissions. In a lengthy response to Elliott’s proposal, Duke said the hedge fund’s announcement was the latest in a series of proposals by the fund since last July. Duke said its board had found previous proposals “not in the best interests of the company, its shareholders and other stakeholders."

FAYETTEVILLE JUDGE HAS COURT DATE OVER TRYING TO RUN DOWN BLM ACTIVISTS WITH SUV: A North Carolina court of appeals judge was summoned by a criminal court Friday after being accused of nearly hitting Black Lives Matter protesters at a demonstration in downtown Fayetteville on May 7. Judge John M. Tyson of Cumberland County has been summoned to appear in a courtroom in his own county next month where he will need to answer to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, the Fayetteville Observer reported. Tyson is one of the most high-profile people accused of being aggressive toward protests demanding racial justice and police reform in the wake of worldwide demonstrations after the killing of George Floyd last year. Warren alleges that Tyson drove around the area once in his state-owned vehicle when no one was in his way. The second time, she said, he sped up and tried to hit the group but he ended up jumping the curb. Dispatch calls obtained by the Observer revealed that Tyson called to report that there were people in the street blocking traffic and that they were coming around his car. Video released by the city doesn’t show protesters gathering near Tyson’s vehicle.

DEPUTIES URINATE ON ELIZABETH CITY COUNCIL MEMBER'S FUNERAL HOME PROPERTY: “As a Black man sitting here tonight, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I may be the next one, you know,” Adkins said, alluding to Brown, a 42-year-old Black man whose attorneys have said was unarmed when police shot him outside his home. Now, after joining protesters demanding that video of the shooting be released, he claims police are targeting him. Twice last week, Adkins said, surveillance video at a funeral home he owns showed a police officer in uniform urinating on his property. “I’m completely furious that any member of the sheriff department would think these acts are acceptable,” Adkins told The Washington Post in an email. “This is a funeral home. A place where we house family’s loved ones. I have lost all trust and respect for our sheriff department.” Adkins posted a video of the incident on Facebook. The news was first reported by the Raleigh News & Observer. The Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a message from The Post late Monday. Deputies shot Brown outside his home on April 21. The sheriff’s office said deputies were executing arrest warrants for Brown on drug charges but has yet to say whether Brown was armed, complying or fleeing. Adkins also told the News & Observer that the sheriff’s department had previously provided escorts for his funeral home but hasn’t responded to his past two requests. He said he is seeking legal representation and plans to press charges. “I’m just getting real worried I might be the next target, or they’re trying to set me up,” Adkins said. “On top of it being a crime.” DA Womble is supposed to have an announcement today about the investigation. I have a feeling no charges will be filed against those that shot Brown.

CONGRESSIONAL DEMS PUSH BIDEN TO INTERVENE IN ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: President Biden’s carefully worded statement on Monday supporting a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians came amid growing pressure within his own party for the United States to take a more skeptical stance toward one of its closest allies. Mr. Biden’s urging of a halt to the fighting — tucked at the end of a summary of a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel — followed a drumbeat of calls from Democratic lawmakers across the ideological spectrum for his administration to speak out firmly against the escalation of violence. It reflected a different tone than the one members of Congress have sounded during past clashes in the region, when most Democrats have repeated their strong backing for Israel’s right to defend itself and called for peace, without openly criticizing its actions. The push is strongest from the energized progressive wing of the party, whose representatives in the House, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, have drawn attention in recent days for accusing Israel of gross human rights violations against Palestinians and of operating an “apartheid state.” But their intensity has obscured a quieter, concerted shift among more mainstream Democrats that could ultimately be more consequential. Underscoring how skepticism around the campaign in Gaza had spread to even some of Israel’s strongest defenders in Congress, Representative Gregory W. Meeks of New York, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, told Democrats on the panel on Monday that he would ask the Biden administration to delay a $735 million tranche of precision-guided weapons to Israel that had been approved before tensions in the Middle East boiled over. It came after a number of Democrats raised concerns about sending American-made weapons to Israel at a time when it has bombed civilians, as well as a building that housed press outlets included The Associated Press, an American news agency.



It's important to note

that articles 3&4 above came from the Washington Post. Almost always when NC gets national exposure it's negative, and usually some racist Republicans are involved. *sigh*

Franklin Graham still spreading Trump's Big Lie

Franklin Graham was recently on CNN defending Trump's Big Lie about a "stolen" election, while still acknowledging Biden is President.

I'm still waiting on a proper investigation of Graham's trip to Russia and meetings with Putin just before Trump announced his candidacy in 2018, along with information on just where the money for Graham's PAC during the 2018 campaign came from.